Colourpop creme gel colour in Swerve - Is it worth the hefty Indian price tag?

Recently I got couple of products from Colourpop, all procured from social media sellers in India. I have their eyeshadow, lippiestix, ultra satin, ultra matte and this cream gel eye liner. We do have to pay more than double the original price and when compared, it does burn a hole in the wallet. For instance this gel color eyeliner in pot is sold at 800 - 1000 INR in India whereas its just 6USD in US. The internet has rave review of this product. In this post, I am going to tell you if it's really worth all that INR.

Lass Naturals Neem and Basil soap free face wash review

I like trying out different cleansers, all sulfate and paraben free offcourse. Not much do I expect from a cleanser rather than its ability to only clean my skin thoroughly without feeling dry. I do not think a face wash can get rid of your acne scars, neither can it do anything for your pigmentation. What it can do is not irritate your skin, eventually aiding in acne prevention to some extent. Today I am going to share my experience with the Neem and Basil face wash from #LassNaturals

Pure Suds handmade skin treats Black-out face gel pack Review

I am all into natural skincare, and handmade products have a special place in my heart. They have a personal touch, someone's labor of love and passion for all things natural. I came across one such brand call Pure Suds on my natural skin care hunt. Bhavna Doshi is the lovely lady behind this brand and she has curated some great all natural products. One such product is the Black out face gel pack.

[ Guest Post ] How To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup For An Evening Party

Traditionally women in all eras have been known for using kohl inside and around their eyes to create the impression of “bigger eyes” that gave them a more sophisticated look.But in today’s modern era of fashion where the cosmetic and beauty giants have emerged with a variety of flattering products that are available in almostevery shade under the sun, a variety of smoldering eye makeup looks have created by using eyeliner stencils.

The most simple chicken stir fry recipe

The other day I posted this picture on Instagram ( handle @shampita_trl). If you are not following me there already, do stop by and follow as all the actions happens there first. So, many of my friends have been pinging me on watsapp to share the recipe, I did share with couple of you guys. But then I thought why not post it publicly. This is a favorite of everyone at my home, and it just takes minutes to stir fry minus the chopping and frying of the chicken. All of the ingredients usually are always at our disposal.

Review || Just Herbs Blemigel anti blemish gel

Do you feel the urge to try each product from a brand, when few from them are your absolute holy grail. I am that girl, and Just herbs for me is that brand. I was introduced to this brand by Shayoni from Sweet and Bitter Blog long time ago when she recommended me to try their Silksplash. Till then there has been no turning back. Today I am going to share with you all about Blemigel, an anti blemish gel from Just Herbs.

May'16 Empties

I threw away few empty jars this weekend of which some are my staples and must buy every month, whereas others are a pass for me. Here's a list of what went in the bin.