Things to know while trying Korean sheet masks

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Korean Beauty is quite extreme and Korean women uses an exuberant amount of money on skincare. They have as many as 30-40 items in their daily skincare regimen. I was quite shocked to learn that plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures like Botox injections are quite common and even teenagers undergo all that just to look perfect. K-Pop culture certainly adds to all that. I don't have all that money, neither do I have all that energy to follow strict skincare regimen. So I retort to sheet masks, one of the biggest skincare item to have originated from Korea. I have tried many sheet masks thanks to till date, and I kind of have mixed feelings about them. Well some of them are really good, but then there are others which broke me out terribly. Like terribly! I had to consult a dermat after using a particular one. Skincare works different on different people, what is not working for me, might work without any issues on you. houses sheet masks from many Korean companies which are very very affordable and easy to use. There are some whose ingredients are common like cucumber, aloe, honey, acai berry etc. On the other hand there are some which are down right strange ( at least to me) like placenta extracts, snail secretion, horse oil, bird's nest, salmon roe. The website keeps on refreshing and updating their stock, so same kinds of mask (freebies) might not be available all the time. When it comes to reviews and ingredients list on the internet, you would rarely find information about the not so well known brands. These masks are quite appealing and tempting from packaging point of view. And all of us beauty fanatics do get drawn to something pretty and new. And with little information being available, all you have is your instincts and how it feels on your skin to judge the product. So I am giving an 101 to all of you who are drawn to Korean sheet masks and have never tried them before. I am writing this after learning from own my experiences from all the sheet masks that I have tried. This is from an extremely sensitive, oily, acne prone skin's perspective (All that is me, yours truly).

~ Korean sheet mask 101 ~

Most of these comes in sachet packets where everything is written in Korea, thank God there are some where things are written in English too. If you have bought something where it is all Korean, then I suggest you do a patch test of them first before trying out the whole thing on your face.

Always check the ingredients list and something which seems new to you, do google about them first. If it contains pore clogging ingredients, you might want to skip it all together. Almost 90% of the ingredients are chemicals, so natural skincare enthusiast should check about the ingredients before using it. 

All of these sheet masks comes dripping with serum, some of which are of thick consistency and some are quite thin. It is not easy to understand before hand about the consistency of serum, so I would suggest if you are oily skinned, do not the apply the masks whose serums are of thick consistency for 20-30 minutes as suggested in direction. These ones for sure leads to acne, trust me I have tried and tested them. Better to try them at night as well.

In all of the sheet masks there are so much of serum that not all them gets absorbed into the skin, it just sits on top of your skin. The skin absorbs to its absorption capacity, rest is of no use according to me. So you can either wash off the excess or keep them sitting. I personally wash it off. I have seen keeping it on only makes the skin greasy, oily, clogs pores and again leads to breakout.

If the sheet mask feels heavy on skin after putting it on and gives a little burning or tingling sensation, remove it and wash off face immediately. Or else it will lead to acne.

If you really want to try these exotic ingredients like horse oil, placenta extracts, then do buy them from a renowned brand with lot of review. Some of these ingredients can be really expensive, so there is a huge chance of these ingredients not being in the purest form in the cheap sheet masks.

I hope all these information were helpful to you. Cute and pretty things are tempting I know, but do use them cautiously to avoid unwanted skin reactions and breakouts.
Take Care.

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