The Best Home made Kesar Pista Kulfi Recipe

Saturday, May 07, 2016

If you are a non Indian reading this post, then Kulfi is an Indian frozen dessert made from milk and natural flavoring. It is not as whipped as ice cream, nor it is as smooth as a gelato. But it is just divine to eat. It must be cut into pieces before serving as they are frozen solid. Traditionally these are served with Falooda, a sweetened noodles made from corn starch or tapioca flour, looks almost like rice noodle and rose/ saffron syrup. But we just devour them just as they are.
I know there are like a zillion of recipes out there for home made kesar pista kulfi, but my version is the best one. Kulfi is my husband's favorite dessert. We have happily eaten Kulfi's from all the well known vendors in Kokata. Kulfi hopping was a thing for us. When both if us could not find a thing to do, we go out and have a Kulfi. But my husband prefers my version more than all of them. Trust me when I say this, this man of mine is quite finicky about food. Nothing surpasses his nose or tongue. He does not know how to cook but he can tell you what is wrong with the dish when sometime's I myself do not understand from the first bite. So when that man is saying these are best Kulfis he has ever had, then these has to be good. I am sharing my recipe with you all and specially to all my friends and family who had tasted it and has been asking for the recipe.

When I make Kulfi, I make in large quantity to last me for a week at least. In  this hot hot summer days, these are refreshing treats to beat the heat. They are delicious in our home, having a Kulfi at lunch or dinner has become our guilty pleasure this summer. The recipe below makes about 20, depending on the size of mold I have with me. I have noticed that it sets better in aluminium molds than the plastic ones. If you do not happen to have mold handy, you can freeze them in tiffin boes as well. It you want to make in smaller batch, take half the quantity as below, the process remains the same.

~ Things you need ~

Whole milk : 2 liters
Khoya / Mawa ( milk solids ) : 150 gms grated
Sugar : 200 gms
Kesar ( Saffron strand ) :0.25 gms ( I used half packet of Everest Saffron strand ). Saffron is what it makes this Kulfi luxurious and fragrant, so make sure you are using a good quality one.
Pistachhio : 25 gms
Almonds : 25 gms
Cardamon : 4 nos, powdered finely.

~ Procedure ~

On a heavy bottomed pan, put the milk to boil. Once boiled, take a cup of the hot milk, and pour on the grated khoya /mawa and allow it to soften. Mix it well to make a paste. Take another tea cup of milk and pour over the saffron and allow it to stand. Leave the remaining milk to simmer and reduce over medium-high flame. Don't forget to stir occasionally.
In the mean time, take the nuts and pound it in a mortar and pestle. Many recipes says to chop the nuts, but I pound them. I like the texture of some being powdery and some chunky texture. Powdery form of the nuts also aides in thickening the milk. Pounding releases some of the oils from the nuts which adds an amazing nutty aroma and flavor to the Kulfi along with the saffron. 
Reduced the milk to half of its quantity, add the khoya mixture and mix well. Once the khoya is well dissolved and milk has thickened more, add the saffron mix and the powdered nuts. Now simmer for around 5 minutes max and turn off the gas. 
The milk would be of thick consistency. At this stage add the sugar and cardamon powder. Stir, until all the sugar is dissolved. Allow the mixture to rest and cool down completely. Once cooled pour in kulfi moulds, I used aluminium ones. Freeze for minimum of 6-7 hours or until they are set. Serve them on their own, or with falooda and rose syrup. They are the best damn thing for summer. 

Hope you all enjoyed the recipe. See you all again in my next.
Loads of love.

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