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Saturday, May 14, 2016

This post is for the girls who are follows strictly into the "no-poo" ( no shampoo) method of hair washing and who are planning to venture into it. I am absolutely sulfate free when it comes to hair and face wash, but I really want to venture into the no-poo techniques. It does take some time to get used to it but I have read so many good outcomes in the internet that I am really intrigued. Usually people mix baking soda with water to wash their hair. But I could not muster the courage to go all in with that. So I started with this 100% pure and natural no poo hair wash from Sara Herbals. I had bought this nearly 6 months ago, but never used it until recently.

Chemicals in shampoo does causes harm to your scalp and hair. The more you shampoo and the more SLS containing products you use, the sebaceous glands of your scalps produces more oil, and your hair would become more oily, sticky and greasy. The same goes with your face wash too. 

~Packaging ~
Comes in a no fuss, metallic sealed pack. Once cut, the content has to be poured into an air tight container.

~ Color, Texture and Fragrance ~
Brown colored coarse textured powder. Smells herbal, no added fragrance.

100% natural containing powders of shikakai, fenugreek, amla, vetiver and soap nut. There is no addition of preservatives and any foaming agent.

I bought for Rs 65 couple of months back, but now it retails for Rs70 for 100gms
Get it from Here

~ My experience ~
Just as the direction says, I soaked desired quantity of powder in hot water and made a paste. It looked just like a hair mask without any soapy or slippery texture. On day one of use, I had no oil on my hair and also I had washed it just the day before with my current favorite Fab India Herbal hair wash shampoo. Although that day, my hair was a little dirty, greasy and full of sweat as I was cleaning the house. I applied the paste on my wet hair and messaged it on my scalp and also along the length of my hair for about 1 minute and then washed it off. There is no foam, no soapy feeling at all and also hair fall during wash was normal, no additional hair fall. It felt as if you are washing off hair mask and  I had to wash my hair really really well to get rid of all it. Once washed and dried, to my surprise, my hair was not greasy at all and it felt clean. Not as much as my regular SLS free shampoo would do, but it was almost there.
On the next use, I had applied little bit of a non greasy hair oil along the length of my hair before hair wash, which it did manage to remove. But failed to remove heavy dose of oiling. For that I did need to use my shampoo.
This kind of no poo hair washes does need some adjusting to. Your hair and scalp do require some time to understand the routine and produce natural oils accordingly. During the initial days, this does not make hair soft or shiny, but I know with time my hair would get adjusted to it, the same way when I switched to sulfate free. The biggest advantage of this is, it is absolutely 100% natural and I know for sure this is not harming my hair and scalp in any shape or form. This can be used everyday and I am optimistic that slowly it will show good results.

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