Review || Fab India wild rose body wash

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Way in the past, 3-4 years back, every time I went to Fab India store, I bought myself clothing and walked passed the skin care section choosing to ignore it altogether. Thanks to my ignorance I have missed out on many of this brand's gems. 

This is one of such gems which I am so sad that I did not try earlier. You see I was all into TBS bath and body products back then ( still am) and I did not give any other brand a try. Shame on me !!
For summer I prefer anything floral, and fruity fragrances are for the winters. Rose and Jasmine being my top most favorite, whenever I spot something of it, it goes in my basket.

~ Packaging ~
Tall cylindrical plastic bottle with press open cap. It's bulky so sits pretty on my bathroom shelf. Not a travel size, so need to decant a quantity in a travel size bottle.

~ Ingredients ~
Has SLES. Do I spot paraben ? Nope !!

~ Texture and Fragrance ~
Pale pinkish white creamy body lotion kind texture. Smells actually of bouquet of roses. I have used so many rose scented products, this is like no other. This puts all other rose scented products that I have used to shame.

Price: Rs 350 for 250ml
Available at Nykaa, FabIndia. Also across all Fab India stores

What do I want from a body wash ? It should clean properly, should not dry out my skin, should be gentle on my ultra sensitive skin, the fragrance should uplift my mood and senses, it should make me feel fresh, clean and rejuvenated. This one does all that. This lathers really well and post wash my skin feels really smooth. I have dry skin for rest of my body else but my face, and this does not make my skin dry at all. I can definitely skip body lotion when I am rushing. And the fragrance, Oh the fragrance, it makes me not want to come out of the bathroom. I stay longer time in the shower now due to this. Blind fold me and make me smell the body wash along with a bouquet of roses, I would not be able to distinguish which one's which. The only sour point is this divine fragrance of roses is very short lived on skin. Stays for hardly half and hour. 
I have to buy other products from this range for sure, specially the body lotion. So that I can have this beautiful rose fragrance linger on me for hours. I highly recommend this if you are a sucker for roses like me. Trust me it is nothing like you ever tried before.

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