Review || Fab India body milk in mogra and mint

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review || Fab India body milk in mogra and mint *no parabens* *no sulphates*
I am quite happy that my recent purchases from Fab India did not disappoint me, I enjoyed using all of them. It's great that Fab India finally launched parabens and sulfate free products, even though there are only a handful to choose from. I just hope that they slowly reformulate their existing products to sulfate and paraben free. 
Today I am going to share with you a body milk from their paraben and sulfate free range in the fragrance mogra and mint.
Mogra ( Arabian Jasmine ), commonly known as "Bela" in Bengali belongs to the Jasmine family and is quite extensively used in offering Puja in every Bengali household. Any Bengali who has a garden will have at least one of this shrub. It is one of my favorite flower and as kids we used to steal them from my neighbor's garden. #truestory
This old couple, had a big garden filled with mogra and other flowering plants in their compound. When I was little, me along with my neighborhood friends used to play in the alley after returning from school. But before returning home to study we used steal mogra flowers from his garden. I used to keep my share on my study table. The whole neighborhood knew of this little crime of ours and no one bothered, not even this family. During exam season, the uncle himself used to pluck the flowers and gave us. So it literally broke our hearts when they gave away their land to a promoting company to make apartments. The uncle even felt sorry for us, that we cannot run around in this property anymore stealing flowers. He did buy us ice creams to cheer us up. Seriously our childhood were so much different than the children of today. How simple and full of joy it was. #missmychildhood
Now lets get on with the review.

~ Packaging ~
Comes in a plastic transparent bottle with a pump dispenser

Refer the picture above. Has silicones (cyclomethicone). but no parabens.

~Texture and Fragrance~
Runny texture of lightweight consistency. Smells divinely of mogra with a hint of mint. The mint fragrance does feel a bit synthetic to me. But overall it is very refreshing not at all overpowering.

~ Price and Availability ~
Rs 395 for 200ml
Available at all Fab India outlets. Buy online from Here or Here

Being a body milk one must think that this is too heavy and not summer appropriate. I can assure you that is absolutely not the case. It is extremely lightweight, gets absorbed quickly in skin, without any heavy or greasy feeling, but feels a wee bit slippery for sometimes. This can be used in summer without any issues. I stay long hours in AC and this does keep my skin moisturized all throughout the day. On application, it gives a cooling sensation to skin which I absolutely love. Anything which is cooling on skin is already a hit for me. 

The subtle fragrance of mogra with a hint of mint is very refreshing and pleasing. What good about the fragrance is, it does linger on for hours together. I could even smell it upon sniffing my hand after 2 hours. The fragrance is so calming for mind that I apply this before going to bed too. It has become my absolute favorite and I have almost finished the bottle. I would not even give a second thought while re-purchasing it. You should definitely give this a try.

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