Review || Fab India aloe and cucumber gel face pack

Monday, May 16, 2016

Come summer and I need my stash of masks for various reasons. I am a mask girl, I need something for my acne, something for removing tan or something just to relax. Clean face, mask on, lights off, lying on my bed and I am in my little world of zen. This is how I like to relax after a tiring day and catch up on the latest episodes of Game of throne or Greys anatomy or Modern family and so much more. Today I am sharing with you a mask from Fab India which has found a sweet corner in my heart, a mask which I use just to relax quite often.

It's a basic mask based of aloe and cucumber along with other chemicals (read parabens and so much more ). As it is not a mud mask, nor a powder mask, I feel that this can be used daily without any adverse effect on skin.

Comes in a plastic tub with a white lid on top along with a crew cap

Listed in the picture. Not very happy about the presence of the not so loved chemicals.

~Texture and Fragrance~
Gel texture with extremely fresh scent of cucumber, aloe along a little bit of fragrance. The fragrance is not overpowering, in fact it is very relaxing

Rs 275 for 100ml
Available at all Fab India outlets or get it from HERE

~ My experience ~
It is extremely embarrassing for me to admit, but I sweat a lot, like a lot ! Any physical activity I do, may it be walking, running, doing household chores or even cooking I sweat profusely. Hence most of the time face ends up looking tired and dull. It feels quite uncomfortable too. So I reach out for  something to cool off the tired face, perk it up and refresh it. This is where this mask comes handy.

This mask being gel in texture applies smoothly and it feels very cooling and soothing on skin. And manages to take half of my tiredness away. I usually store it in the fridge, because cold mask feels even more relaxing to me. Post application, after a while the mask does starts to feel a bit sticky may be because of its aloe content, but I wash it off within 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes the tiredness is gone and skin looks fresh and it gives back the hydration my skin lost during sweating. And that's it, it has no other beauty benefits whatsoever. It does not add glow, neither does it firms skin. So if you me ask why I love it then? It is only because of that extremely cool feeling on skin that has made me it's fan. Not many masks are able to do that. No tingling sensation, no breakouts. It's pure calmness and relaxation.

You definitely need something like this in summer just to relax your skin and mind, if you are residing in a hot and humid region like me. Do not expect any beauty benefits from this and it will not disappoint you. Guys, do let me know if there are some other cooling gel masks like this that I can try this summer. Because I really want have some more options with less chemicals and free of parabens.

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