Review || Colourpop super shock eye shadow in Empire and EOTD

Saturday, May 28, 2016

I have only 2 shadows from Colourpop in my vanity. Too less don't you think ? I am definitely going to add some more in the future. My GOD they are freaking amazing, so pigmented and stays like forever without creasing. I have already reviewed the shade Telepathy. Read about it HERE. Along with Telepathy I purchased this shade Empire. I was looking for a true emerald green metallic shade, and this is absolutely THE ONE. A gorgeous, gorgeous shade.

~ Packaging ~
Like all other Colorpop eye shadows this too comes in a round white pot with a screw lid housed in a cute paper box.

~ Texture ~
The eye shadow has a soft creamy texture almost wet to touch. It is a hybrid between a powder and cream. But when applied it sets off to a powdery satin glittery finish.  It has a snake skin like pattern common to all Colourpop products. Do keep the jar tightly closed to prevent it from drying out.

~ Color and Pigmentation ~
It is from their pearlized finish eye shadows, a fiercely rich emerald green. It has specs of green glitters, almost jewel like. The glitters are not very chunky, they are indeed very smooth. The color is intensely pigmented and blends beautifully. Best with finger tips as always.

~ Longevity ~
More than 10 hours for sure. I have a tiny Asian eye with not much of an eyelid. Most of the powder eye shadows crease after 7-8 hours all thanks to my oily eye lid But this one continues to stay.

~ How to apply ~
These metallic / pearlized ones are best applied with your finger. I tried both with brush and fingers, but fingers pays off more color pigmentation. Even their website advises you to apply with your finger. You need to pat the color in. If you want to blend, then apply with your finger first and then blend with a round fluffy brush. It gives decent color with a flat eye shadow brush sprayed with some Mac Fix plus or just eye drops.

~ Where to get it from ~
 I got from shopyouraddiction, an Instagram store and their service was very prompt and quick. They always kept in touch with me. The very day when I paid them via NEFT transfer, they dispatched my product and it reached me within 3 days.

Price : Rs 700
Quantity : 2.1 gms
Swatch of Colourpop super shock eye shadow in Empire.
P.S. My poor swatch is not doing any justice to the product.
~ My experience ~

There is no doubt about it that I absolutely love this shade. I usually mix and match with other eye shadows to create both daytime and evening wear look. I always pat this on top of my lid with finger for that amazing pop of colour. If I am planning to wear this to office I just pat some on my eye lid with a very light hand, apply some mascara and I am done. The colour pairs really well with both warm tone and cool toned shades. With warm tones like mauves, browns it looks more gorgeous. I have noticed that even when by end of the day my other powder or crayon eye shadows fades and creases thanks to my oily eye lid, this one does not budge or melt. It stays put. Even in a very hot and humid day when there is a lot of sweating involved, this stays put for 7-8 hours easily. It removes easy too with just any makeup remover, oil or even petroleum jelly.

If you guys are looking for a jewel toned green, this is it. Nothing gets better than this at such an affordable price.

Below are few EOTD's for you to feast on, where I have paired the shade with mauves, my favorite combination.

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