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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cucumber has great benefits for skin. Cucumber juice when applied on skin removes tanning, acne marks and even dark circles. I try to incorporate it on my skin care regime but not always possible due to time management issues. Today I am sharing with you this mask from Beauty Friends II available with This mask has cucumber essence and claims to tighten pores, soften rough skin while cleanses and moisturizes and hydrates.

~ Packaging ~
Single sheet mask, comes in a sealed sachet packet.

~ Texture and Fragrance ~
The consistency of the serum is not too thick or heavy. It is quite runny and dripping. Being a cucumber mask I expected this to smell refreshingly of cucumber. But no, this smells some how like a stale cucumber raita ( raita is an Indian yogurt dish ). So not a big fan of the fragrance.

~ Direction of use ~
Wash your face and soothe it with toner. Apply mask for 20-30 minutes. Remove mask and do not rinse. Allow excess moisture to be absorbed.

~ Price and availability ~ 
0.80 USD
Available at

Sheet mask after use
Just like any other sheet mask, its comes folded inside the sachet loaded with serum. Take it out, unfold it and adjust it properly on your face. I have a big round face and I like the fact that sheet is broad enough to fit on to my face. The direction says that this can be used cold or warm. If you are planning to use during the winter months then warm it by placing the sachet in a bowl of water for 50 degrees celcius. My skin is very warm to touch, so I prefer using cold mask or anything cooling on skin. So I kept the mask in the fridge for a hour before use. I did try to keep it for 20 minutes as suggested but the scent is so off putting that I could not bear it more than 5 minutes. I am surprised that this do no smell of cucumber. The smell of stale yogurt was absolutely unbearable for me. I am really not sure if this is supposed to smell like this. I really do not know if the fragrance changed due to heat since it has been like freaking 40 degrees continuously for sometime here. But I highly doubt that. So I really cannot confirm about the fragrance.
Because of this issue, the mask was not refreshing for me, neither I could see if this tightened my pores. Since I had put cold mask, it did made my skin a little cool to touch and little hydrated. I think if the fragrance would have been better, this mask would have provided a great deal of relaxation and hydration after a hard days work or a workout session, when one is sweating a lot. Then this mask would have been a hit for me. But with the current one in hand this is definitely a miss for me.

*PR Sample. Honest Review.

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