Neesh Perfumes in Moha-Beau-T and Sultana

Monday, May 09, 2016

A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future 
- Coco Chanel

Perfume is the most important accessory that a man or a woman must wear. If you do not smell good, you do not feel good, even if you are wearing your favorite designer dresses. You would never find me without wearing any perfume. I have few bottles of designer perfumes which has become my signature scent, but those I cannot really wear to office daily. Those are so so expensive *Sigh*
So I need something which smells good, extremely affordable and last me all day. And along came Neesh Perfumes with their quite innovative pocket perfumes they call Pikpacks. They sent me few and I am sharing 2 of them today which I have been wearing a lot lately.

The company has been around for a while crafting beautiful jewelries. And now they have aromatic and fragrant perfumes, which are practically designed. All of their perfumes are Attar ( Ittar ) based. And Neesh ensures that they use natural and fresh ingredients. Chemically produced Ittar can be very strong and overpowering, which I personally detest. So a thumbs from me on their claim on natural oils.

~ Packaging ~
All of their pocket perfumes comes in a rectangular plastic casing which a spray nozzle on top. I really like the design, as it is lightweight, fits into my pocket, bag or pouches. But I do feel that the quality of plastic used could have been a little better. Then again, for the price it comes at one cannot complain. I love the names, they have given to each of them, it feels very royal.

~ Silage ~
High, With one spray, my whole room starts smelling of the perfume

~ Wear time ~
This absolutely depends on the temperature of your body and the weather too. On a very hot and humid day, when I am sweating profusely and travelling a lot, I feel the urge to re-apply after 5-6 hours. But when I am sitting at office in AC, and not sweating at all, the perfume stays the whole day.

~ Price ~
Rs 340 for 20 ml
Available in Flipkart, Amazon, Neesh

 ~ Moha-Beau-T By Neesh ~
Top note : French Rose, Middle note : Saffron, Base note : Musk, Patchouli, Leather, Agarwood

Out of all the perfumes I was sent, this is my favorite one. I am a sucker for anything roses. The notes of roses mixed with saffron is something that I have never come across before in any perfume. The scent is so delicate but still fiery. Suits a woman who has a gentle heart and a strong will. This is a perfume that you would want to wear when you want to charm that special some one in your life. I love how I smell of garden of roses with a hint of saffron. And as the day goes by, it mellows down to a lingering musky notes. My husband loves this perfume on me and I am thoroughly enjoying it. 
I highly recommend this one.

 ~Sultana by Neesh ~
Top Note : Indian Saffron, Tea Rose, Middle Note : Castoreum, Base Note : Agarwood, Amber

Just as its name, this smells royal, like a Begum. The scent of roses are quite prominent and strong, not as delicate the Moha-Beau-T. It feels as if there are multiple layers of rose fragrance along with other floral and woody aromas. This is quite strong but not very heady. I like how it mellows down to multiple layers of fragrances. It is quite hard to describe perfumes as many of us, especially me, do not have access to different perfume oils and how they smell. So I am quite loss of words to describe this. I use this one in particular when I am out and about and need something strong yet beautiful. This is also recommended.

In a hot and humid day, trust me these are your saviors. You cannot carry a deo bottle in your pocket if you are man. Neither can you carry heavy glass perfume bottle if you are a woman. These fits into your pocket and if you at all feel the need to re-apply, they are hassle free. And these are so affordable too. Find the fragrance which absolutely resonates with you and you are sorted. I am trying out the other variants and details of those are coming up soon. So do check back later.

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PR sample sent by brand, my views are honest and unbiased

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