Neesh Perfumes in Belle-D-Oud, Zaafran-E Hindustan & Attar-E-Ishq

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

On my last post I shared two of the Attar and Oudh based fragrance from Neesh which I am absolutely loving. The fragrances are quite strong yet subtle and not over powering, they stay on me through out the day and so so convenient to carry and use. Although I must tell you that the spray nozzle on some is a bit tacky, they don't spray out the product evenly like a mist and sometimes gets stuck. I need to go over and spray multiple times to get even distribution. I know for just 340 INR these are a bargain, but I just wish that they do something about the spray nozzle. For all other details about packaging and where to buy do read by previous post Here. Now lets talk about these ones.

 ~ Neesh Belle D' Oudh ~
Top note : Honey, Berry, Iran Saffron Middle note : Indian Rose, Exotic Prune, Base note : Musk, Gark Amber

When I first sniffed it, it resonated with me to be a scent of a modern woman. It has quite strong notes of musk with hints of saffron, roses and honey flowing through. The fragrance feels sensuous and sweet at the same time. When I wore this to office, a friend of mine did ask me, which designer perfume I was wearing. When I told her about the price and the brand she just flipped. I am absolutely loving this.

~ Zaafran E Hindustan ~
Top note : Indian Saffron, Pink Rose, Middle note : White Woods, Dark Rose, Base note : Musk, Amber

It's a saffron delight, that's what I call it. Personally I feel that the fragrance saffron and sandalwood gives a feeling of pureness and harmony to one's mind. Let me share with you a little story. When I was in Bangalore, working in my last project, there was a Muslim guy, junior to me, we used to work together. He is the most neat and clean guy I have never met and always so well put together, a little shy though. All through out the day he used smell of sandalwood and saffron. That fragrance in particular always used to give a positive, clean and fresh vibe from him. He was the focal point of discussion among my friends, we all used to wonder how does he stay so fresh all through out the day and what perfume does he use. We all wanted a bottle of his perfume. How weird of us, isn't it ? We never did ask him thinking what he might think, that we seniors are making fun of him. But I was sure that it has to Attar. When I tried Zaafran-E-Hindustan, it smelled exactly like that. I was like Bingo. I even messaged my girl friends that we might have a close dupe of his perfume. This sounds to strange. But it's so true. Neesh says that this is for men, but I am going to use it irrespective of it.

~ Neesh Attar-E-Ishq ~
Top note : Nutmeg, Cedarwood, Bakhoor, Middle note : Agarwood, Amber, Base note : Powdery musk, Vanilla

I am sorry to say but this is the least favorite of mine from the lot. The fragrance is too sweet for my taste and somehow smells a bit synthetic. Once sniffed, I really cannot get past the strong sweet scent and smell anything else. I had used this only once and I am sure would not be reaching for this. If you like strong sweetness, then you can get this. From what my nose tells, I would not recommend this to someone who loves soft, subtle and mellow scent. On the other hand, my mother in law and husband loves this scent and they are bit sad that the spray nozzle for this is stuck, and they are not able to use it.

If I am to jot down in order from my most favorite to least one, then it would be Moha-Beau-T, Zafran-E-Hindustan, Belle D' Oudh, Sultana, Attar-E-Ishq. And I would purchase, re-purchase the fist three at any given time.

Until next time
XO's ~ Shampita

PR sample sent by brand, my views are honest and unbiased.

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