April'16 Empties and Throwaways

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I had no empties in March, may be one or two which did not call for a post. But in April, I have plenty which are used till the very last drop and few which I am throwing away. Reason, they did not quite work for me, or lying around and got stale. Here's my list of what went in the bin this month.

First let's talk about the empties, these are some of my absolute favorite products.

Already re-purchased it. I am so so loving this shampoo. I have Shayoni to thank for this. She posted it and I bought this the next day and got hooked to it ever since. The best sulfate free shampoo that I have used till date which does not burn a hole in my pocket.

Especially Escada 
This was a gift to me from a very dear friend / brother of mine. He gifted me this when I was leaving Bangalore. Oh how much I miss Bangalore. Anyways, love love love the feminine fragrance of this. Not very long lasting as you would expect high end perfumes to be. My Burberry is seriously freaking amazing and long lasting like crazy. But somehow I so love Especially Escada that my husband bought me another one on my birthday. Posted it on Instagram. Somehow this has become my signature scent.

Fab India tea tree skin toner
Have been loving this refreshing toner recently. They claim this to be alcohol free, but does contain some its family members though ( the compounds ending with "-ol" ). I have already re-purchased another one.

I loved the exfoliation it gave to my skin and my skin literally glows after use. I had almost finished this long time ago. Only a little bit was left and somehow I forgot about this and the bottle was just lying around in the back of my shelf for a long time. Last week, when I was cleaning the shelves and was planning to throw away stuffs I do not use, I spotted this. Used up the last bit and the empty bottle is now going into the bin.

A great one at such an affordable price. The jasmine fragrance is so alluring, I absolutely loved it. I would be trying out other ranges from Studiowest.

This is my absolute summer time favorite mask. The fragrance of rose is very relaxing and it does help to remove some of the tan. I already re-purchased one for this summer and Just Herbs has changed their packaging now and I quite like it.

This really had helped me a lot in combating my acne and removing some of scarring. I used this along with my Trilogy anti oxidant rosehip oil. On my recent purchase from Just Herbs they have given me a small sample of Fair'e. I am still continuing this combo as part of my night time skin care routine.

This removes most toughest of waterproof makeup like a dream. It's very gentle and does not hurt my eyes at all. I am going to re-purchase this when I spot it on sale.

I do not use any conditioner or hair products. I shampoo and then just apply some serum to de-tangle my hair. And this has been my absolute favorite. Re-purchased this already.

Just Herbs Silksplash rehydrant face wash
Oh God, I cannot live without it. I tried to use many other face washes but always came back to this. This is my holy grail and one constant product in all my empties post.

Now coming to what I am throwing away.

I bought these toners when Just Herbs had added these in their website and I believe they were not launched that time. The ones which came to me were horrible and extremely bad. After my post, the team did mail me saying that these were their test products and not launched yet and they were still perfecting the formula. Later they sent me their re-formulated ones which were quite good. Read about them here. So I am throwing away the old versions which I would not be using for sure.

My skin did not adjust to glycolic acids present in this. I continued to have stingy feeling and burning sensation whenever I applied it. Plum does claim that this is not for extremely sensitive skin and I belong to that category. Many bloggers have posted that this has worked really well for them. So you really have to give it a go to see if it suits you.

Fab India Aloe Vera under eye gel
Every time I applied this, I would literally cry. It sting my eyes really bad. It felt sticky and did nothing. Again was lying for a long time, it has expired too. So throwing it away.

Vana Vidhi luxury summer shimmer sunscreen
It came in my July 2015 Fab bag. It claims to be a sunscreen but did not do much. What bothered me more was its sparkle and shimmer content. It is loaded with glitters and they are quite chunky. I could not apply during day time as I looked like a shiny disco ball. And same goes for night time too. The glitters would stick to my dresses and then getting rid of them was a pain. Not using it any longer and do not plan to use it in future too.

Votre deep pore cleansing clay masque
This also came in Fab Bag. I really do not understand the fragrance of Votre products. They all smell like dettol. The fragrance is really a put off for me. I used this clay masque once and did not quite like it too. It was lying idle for months and dried out. So throwing it away.

So there it was my long list of empties and throwaways. I have some space my on my shelves which translates to what .... "more shopping" ... Yoohooo.

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