Review || Fab India wild rose body wash

Way in the past, 3-4 years back, every time I went to Fab India store, I bought myself clothing and walked passed the skin care section choosing to ignore it altogether. Thanks to my ignorance I have missed out on many of this brand's gems. 

Review || Colourpop super shock eye shadow in Empire and EOTD

I have only 2 shadows from Colourpop in my vanity. Too less don't you think ? I am definitely going to add some more in the future. My GOD they are freaking amazing, so pigmented and stays like forever without creasing. I have already reviewed the shade Telepathy. Read about it HERE. Along with Telepathy I purchased this shade Empire. I was looking for a true emerald green metallic shade, and this is absolutely THE ONE. A gorgeous, gorgeous shade.

Things to know while trying Korean sheet masks

Korean Beauty is quite extreme and Korean women uses an exuberant amount of money on skincare. They have as many as 30-40 items in their daily skincare regimen. I was quite shocked to learn that plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures like Botox injections are quite common and even teenagers undergo all that just to look perfect. K-Pop culture certainly adds to all that. I don't have all that money, neither do I have all that energy to follow strict skincare regimen. So I retort to sheet masks, one of the biggest skincare item to have originated from Korea. I have tried many sheet masks thanks to till date, and I kind of have mixed feelings about them. Well some of them are really good, but then there are others which broke me out terribly. Like terribly! I had to consult a dermat after using a particular one. Skincare works different on different people, what is not working for me, might work without any issues on you. 

Review || Beauty Friends II cucumber essence mask

Cucumber has great benefits for skin. Cucumber juice when applied on skin removes tanning, acne marks and even dark circles. I try to incorporate it on my skin care regime but not always possible due to time management issues. Today I am sharing with you this mask from Beauty Friends II available with This mask has cucumber essence and claims to tighten pores, soften rough skin while cleanses and moisturizes and hydrates.

Review || Fab India body milk in mogra and mint

Review || Fab India body milk in mogra and mint *no parabens* *no sulphates*
I am quite happy that my recent purchases from Fab India did not disappoint me, I enjoyed using all of them. It's great that Fab India finally launched parabens and sulfate free products, even though there are only a handful to choose from. I just hope that they slowly reformulate their existing products to sulfate and paraben free. 
Today I am going to share with you a body milk from their paraben and sulfate free range in the fragrance mogra and mint.

Review || Fab India aloe and cucumber gel face pack

Come summer and I need my stash of masks for various reasons. I am a mask girl, I need something for my acne, something for removing tan or something just to relax. Clean face, mask on, lights off, lying on my bed and I am in my little world of zen. This is how I like to relax after a tiring day and catch up on the latest episodes of Game of throne or Greys anatomy or Modern family and so much more. Today I am sharing with you a mask from Fab India which has found a sweet corner in my heart, a mask which I use just to relax quite often.

Review || Sara Herbal Hair Wash Powder

This post is for the girls who are follows strictly into the "no-poo" ( no shampoo) method of hair washing and who are planning to venture into it. I am absolutely sulfate free when it comes to hair and face wash, but I really want to venture into the no-poo techniques. It does take some time to get used to it but I have read so many good outcomes in the internet that I am really intrigued. Usually people mix baking soda with water to wash their hair. But I could not muster the courage to go all in with that. So I started with this 100% pure and natural no poo hair wash from Sara Herbals. I had bought this nearly 6 months ago, but never used it until recently.

Neesh Perfumes in Belle-D-Oud, Zaafran-E Hindustan & Attar-E-Ishq

On my last post I shared two of the Attar and Oudh based fragrance from Neesh which I am absolutely loving. The fragrances are quite strong yet subtle and not over powering, they stay on me through out the day and so so convenient to carry and use. Although I must tell you that the spray nozzle on some is a bit tacky, they don't spray out the product evenly like a mist and sometimes gets stuck. I need to go over and spray multiple times to get even distribution. I know for just 340 INR these are a bargain, but I just wish that they do something about the spray nozzle. For all other details about packaging and where to buy do read by previous post Here. Now lets talk about these ones.

Neesh Perfumes in Moha-Beau-T and Sultana

A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future 
- Coco Chanel

Perfume is the most important accessory that a man or a woman must wear. If you do not smell good, you do not feel good, even if you are wearing your favorite designer dresses. You would never find me without wearing any perfume. I have few bottles of designer perfumes which has become my signature scent, but those I cannot really wear to office daily. Those are so so expensive *Sigh*
So I need something which smells good, extremely affordable and last me all day. And along came Neesh Perfumes with their quite innovative pocket perfumes they call Pikpacks. They sent me few and I am sharing 2 of them today which I have been wearing a lot lately.

The Best Home made Kesar Pista Kulfi Recipe

If you are a non Indian reading this post, then Kulfi is an Indian frozen dessert made from milk and natural flavoring. It is not as whipped as ice cream, nor it is as smooth as a gelato. But it is just divine to eat. It must be cut into pieces before serving as they are frozen solid. Traditionally these are served with Falooda, a sweetened noodles made from corn starch or tapioca flour, looks almost like rice noodle and rose/ saffron syrup. But we just devour them just as they are.

April'16 Empties and Throwaways

I had no empties in March, may be one or two which did not call for a post. But in April, I have plenty which are used till the very last drop and few which I am throwing away. Reason, they did not quite work for me, or lying around and got stale. Here's my list of what went in the bin this month.

The Rainbow Lady Blog Anniversary Giveaway *Win Colourpop Cosmetics* [CLOSED]

The Rainbow Lady Blog Anniversary Giveaway *Win Colourpop Cosmetics*

Last month this little blog turned ONE. And as promised the giveaway is here guys.
I am so excited about this. Lately I tried Colourpop eye shadows and liquid lipstick, and I was blown away with how great they are. Read my review of Eyeshadow and Ultra Satin Lip. Guys, I really want you to try these out.
As Colourpop is not very easily available in India, so these has to be on my giveaway to my lovely readers who has been there with me through this year. Thank you guys a bunch.