Woohooo it's The Rainbow Lady Blog's first Birthday !!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Woohooo this little baby turns one, A BIG ONE !! 
And she is taking little baby step at a time into the blogging world.

I am so happy that I finally pushed myself to start a journey which I wanted to take a long time ago. It's been a year since then and my little blog turns one today.

When I did my first post, I was sure that no one read it. There were no comments. It actually broke my heart. I still continued with my writing.The day when I got the first comment I was so ecstatic that I literally jumped with joy, it made me actually feel that someone stopped by and read my blog. I wish I could link that post here but for a silly mistake when I purchased the domain I lost all my previous comments :'(

A humongous thank you and a million hugs to all my readers who stopped by, read my blog and left your lovely comments. Your words of encouragement kept me going.

Your love and support means a lot to me. And as this little blog steps on to another year, I have exciting Giveaways planned for you all in the coming days. So stay tuned guys. Also let me know what I can improve on and what kind of posts you would love to see more.

Thank you all for being there for me

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