W2 Why Wait Neem & Turmeric Face Wash Review

Monday, April 04, 2016

Do you hear little voices in your head speak "I don't know, shall I get it", when you spot a never seen before brand in your local super market. I do, I get that feeling all the time. I have been spotting W2 products in Flipkart, Amazon and also in my local super market for quite some time. I always used to check them out but never purchased. Some products from this brand also came along in some beauty subscription box too.

Last week when we went grocery shopping and got our months supply of Canola oil, at the billing counter, the billing guy handed over bunch of these face washes to me as free gift. Free gifts always gets me excited and when it is a product which I had been checking out, that is pure joy. By the way Canola oil is very healthy for people with heart disease and cholesterol problems, my father in law suffers from it. If your parents have cholesterol problems, then do consider canola oil as your cooking oil. This really helps in keeping it at check.

I have been using this since past week, so lets get on with the review.

Price : Rs 175 for 100ml
Get it from Nykaa, Joy By Nature

Packaging ~

The black flip cap tube is housed in a ochre colored paper box which has all the information about the product written. The brand name is quite catchy don't you think ? Why wait for visible signs of ageing ?

Color Texture and Fragrance ~

The face wash has a very runny consistency, you would not even need to squeeze the tummy of the tube. Product just  runs out of it when you flip it over with the cap open. I did loose quite a bit of product when I swatched it below. I did not expect it to be this runny so the face wash spilled everywhere. So be careful. Since the product came free it did not bother me much, but next time I would be careful. The face wash has a very pale yellow color and smells of turmeric, there is also a citrus note but again very faint.

Ingredients ~

Has neem, turmeric extract along with bergamot oil which are anti bacterial and anti inflammatory for skin, but this base q.s is something which bothers me. I do not know if this contains SLS / SLES and parabens.

Even if I did not purchase this and reviewing a free product, but I had to tell you all about it. Because I was surprised, literally. Honestly, I was not expecting much from this. I thought this to be drying for skin like most of the face wash containing SLS / SLeS does for me. The face wash does not foam up, it lathers just like my Just Herbs Silksplash (sulfate free), but I cannot confirm if this W2 one is sulfate free. After wash my skin felt clean, refreshing and definitely there was a calming effect. My skin did not feel stretchy and dry at all. It cleaned my face of all dirt and grime. It even removed my foundation, kajal and eyeliners. The fragrance of turmeric was also quite pleasant for a change. I tried this when I had couple of hormonal cystic acne on my face, which pays me a monthly visit. If I use sulfate containing face washes, those acne gets even more angry and painful and my skin gets irritated. But with this face wash it didn't and nothing like that happened. In fact, my acne healed at a faster pace than usual. What took me by surprise, that I kept reaching for this even when Silksplash was just standing tall beside it. This face wash claims to remove pigmentation, but I did not notice any such action.

I, surprisingly really like this face wash and it is way more affordable too. The only thing which puts a question mark in my mind is its ingredients in base Q.S. I could not get any information from their  website as well. This is definitely worth trying though. I might repurchase when I finish my current stock of freebies unless I stumble upon something new.

Can't believe April is here, is it me or this year is passing by with the blink of an eye. April is quite special for me, more on that later. Have a nice week guys.

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