Vert Delicate Skin Divine Shower Smoothie Soap in Cocoa Butter Rose & Calamine

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Vert Delicate Skin Divine Shower Smoothie Soap in Cocoa Butter Rose & Calamine
Ever heard of shower smoothie ? I certainly did not until I bumped into this brand some months back. I did use the Forest Essentials Nargis shower butter, only a sample size. But oh boy oh boy how divine was that. That is definitely a treat. So this shower smoothie intrigued me mostly I wanted to know if this is similar to the FE shower butter. I got the variant in cocoa butter, rose and calamine. Read on to know all about it.

 According to Vert ~

They look like a body lotion, with a soft, creamy whipped texture, and yet, they’re soap. They’re luxurious shower soaps meant to be massaged and smoothed all over your body. Fragrant and full of gorgeous ingredients like cocoa butter and coconut oils, soya oil, Calamine powder and generous helpings of rose. You won’t be able to stop rubbing these all over your body. The lasting effects are supremely soft, conditioned skin and gorgeous, subtle scent. Good for delicate skin
* 100% Vegetarian * Natural * No Parabens

Price : Rs 700 for 100 gm
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Packaging ~

The product comes only in 100 gms quantity and comes in a transparent hard plastic tub with a screw lid.

Texture ~

Just as the brand claims soft, creamy whipped texture which almost feels like a body butter, yet they are soap. To me it looks like strawberry ice cream in a tub.

Fragrance ~

When I sniffed it first, honestly I was not able to figure out what this smelled off. I expected this to be divinely smelling of roses. I was quite taken aback when it did not. It smelled of something so familiar yet it was not registering in my brain. Read on to know exactly what this smells off.

My experience ~

First time when I used this was during my night time bath time before sleeping. I do not get sleep if I do not take a relaxing bath after a long tiring day. I scooped out some product with a wooden spatula. The quantity you see in the picture above, twice this was required for me in a single use for the whole body. So the tub would hardly last a month when used daily. On wet skin the smoothie spreads on so smoothly and gives a slippery texture all over. This does not lather at all so there is no soapy bubbles and lather on my bathroom floor which I have to clean later on. I tried with loofah too to see if this lathers, but no I ended up wasting it. This is meant to be used with your fingers and rubbed all over. The slippery soapy texture does clean away dirt, but it would not give you any exfoliation or deep cleansing. This does not dry out skin like soap and the texture is quite enjoyable. 

So that night when I went to bed after my bathing ritual, my husband remarked :

Him : Did you run out out of your shower gels ?
Me : No why ?
Him : Then why did you bathe with Ariel ?

That's when it registered to me, this smells exactly of Ariel detergent powder, or at least the product which came to me. In the back of your nose you would get a faint note of roses but this overpowering smell of Ariel was too much. The fragrance does linger on for an hour minimum and all I could think off in that time span is I smell of detergent powder.

The product is quite expensive, 700 bucks for 100gms that's a major ouch for my wallet. I am not getting this ever in future only because of it's fragrance. They should have made it smell divine. The Forest Essentials Nargis Shower Butter retails for Rs1450 for 200gm and trust me that is way better than this one. I should have bought that. I am really digging into this shower butter concept, but sadly this one did not please me only because of it's fragrance.

Vert Delicate Skin Divine Shower Smoothie Soap in Cocoa Butter Rose & Calamine

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