Review || Fab India Perfume Oil in Cypress

Friday, April 29, 2016

Review || Fab India Perfume Oil in Cypress

One thing I dislike about summer is the sweat and body odor which come along with it. There must always be a perfume of some sort in my bag to keep me smelling good all day. Smelling good is very important to me. For a girl whose skin gets quite irritated with deo sprays, very limited options are available to her to carry in her purse. This perfume in oil form is my savior and it's tiny size fits even in my coin purse.
Fab India has quite few varieties of oil based perfumes, but this one in Cypress variant intrigued me the most. I like very refreshing, musky fragrance and this fits the bill perfectly. And on the most impressive side, it is all natural, I need not worry about any skin infections and rashes.

~ Packaging ~
Comes is a  tint cylindrical transparent plastic bottle with a roll on head.

~ Ingredients ~
A mix of oils as listed in the picture. No added preservatives and no chemicals.

~ Fragrance ~
Smells very fresh tangy almost citrusy, having musky under notes. The fragranc is very relaxing and soothing. It is very summer appropriate. 

~ Price ~
Rs 290 for 9 ml
Available at all Fab India stores

~ My Experience ~

Every day before heading out for office, I apply this on my wrists, neck, shoulder, behind my ears and even under arms. The woody citrusy aroma does give a very relaxing and soothing feel just as the brand claims. Do you remember the citrusy smell of Liril Soap from childhood days ? I was a huge fan of it. The fragrance of this reminds me of it. While travelling to office I sweat a lot ( thanks to the high humidity and scorching hot summer heat ) and I have noticed that this does keep body odor due to sweat at bay. But after 2 hours or so the fragrance started to fade. Only a very  faint powdery kind of smell stays behind. That too I can smell only when I sniff my wrists. So I apply again and voila I am as fresh as new. I do have oily skin, but that's only my face, the rest of my body is very dry. So I did not face any issue with oils. It does not feel sticky, the oil do gets absorbed into the skin. I have been wearing this ever since I got it and my only regret is I bought it very late. I did spot this in Fab India long time ago but somehow moved past it. 

Overall, I love the fragrance, I love that it is fuss free, easy to apply, easy to carry around. all natural and cruelty free. I just wished that this could have been a bit more long lasting, but I do not mind applying it couple of times throughout the day though. Fab India did increase the price a lot since they launched it. So guys get it now, before the price is surged again. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a skin friendly perfume.

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