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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Frick'N Frack
Trust me girls, I was scared to try a liquid lipstick for a long time after my first experience with one was very sour. Read about it HERE. So after a lot of persuasion, I decided to try the ultra satin ones from Colourpop. They are not supposed to be ultra drying like the matte lipsticks and the new formulas are supposed to be much much better than the previous ones as per some bloggers. Since I bought recently I guess these are the new formula ones.

The brand has 23 beautiful shades to choose from from their ultra satin range and I got the shade Frick'N Frack to try first. I wanted to see how it performs on my super dry lips before going crazy over shades choices and buy multiples. If you have read my earlier post on my Colourpop eye shadow, I got this one too from the same seller. It is hard to get Colourpop products in India as they do not ship here. You have rely on the Facebook and Instagram sellers, only if you have found a reliable one. Sometimes you would also not get access to the shades you would like to try. You would only get to choose from the stocks available with social media sellers.

Packaging ~

The Ultra Satin Lips comes in a hard plastic tube with a silver cap doe foot applicator. The brand name is pasted on the body in holographic sticker. The tube is housed in a card board package. They are all made in USA.

Texture and Fragrance ~

The texture feels like an diluted acrylic paint if I am explaining it right. However, the formula does glide on smoothly without any pull or tug and stretchy feeling once dried. Does not feel sticky and uncomfortable on lips. And the formula does not crumble too after wearing it for too long. I wished they had added some fragrance to their product. This smells very chemically which is a bit put off for me specially. This might not be a problem for the liquid lipstick lovers.

Colour and Pigmentation ~

Just as the brand explained it is a true rosy teracotta colour which would flatter any skin tone. For dusky girls this is a beautiful shade for n*de lips looks. The pigmentation is amazing, it covers all the dark patches and pigmentation on my lips in just single coat.

Longevity ~

The brand does claim it to stay long day and it is long wearing. I totally agree with it provided you are not eating anything the whole day.

How to apply ~

One must exfoliate their lips before applying any liquid lipstick, and this needs major exfoliation too. Hydrate your lips before hand and also prime your lips. These steps are suggested by the brand, and one must do so to avoid making the lips too dry.

Price ~

6USD in US (Rs 400 approx) for 3.2gms. Varies from Rs 750 to Rs 800 or may be more in India through social media sellers.

My experience ~

On the first day of testing I did not exfoliate my lips, neither did I moisturize it before applying. I wanted to see how bad the dry flakes on my lips would be accentuated post application. Verdict, it does cling on to dry patches, so do exfoliate your lips before applying any liquid lipsticks. The product once applied sets into a satin finish within a minute, and the lips does not looks dried out at all. It felt quite comfortable on lips, my lips did not feel heavy. The texture is quite light weight and I enjoyed it. I waited for about 10 mins to allow the product to completely sink into my lips and then came my series of tests. First the white coffee mug, and it transfers a little, then again I would not hold this to be a con, as the brand do not claim this to be transfer proof. Then I had light meals and ate with spoon and fork very carefully, the colour did not fade and managed to stay but some of it transferred to the spoons. When I went in with the whole Indian style, you know using your mighty fingers to devour your dinner, the colour faded.. I reapplied, and there were no patchiness on re-application. But it faded evenly Now since this shade is quite on the n*der side for me, the tint which was left behind was not strong enough. I think for the more vibrant shades the tint would be hugely noticeable. On the second day of testing, I exfoliated and put balm on before applying the product, on that day the finish was much more beautiful and my lips did not as dry as day one. But do make sure to remove the balm from your lips before applying lipstick. I decided not to eat after application and I managed to do so for 5 hours and then my stomach gave in. The colour did not fade at all. It was there on lips brilliantly. With light meals, it was on me for nearly 10 hours I would say. So it is long wearing. Now at the end of day, my lips did feel  dry and needed some pampering. This is a problem for any liquid lipstick. But it was not feeling extremely dry. The product can be easily removed my oils, Vaseline and regular makeup remover.

Overall, I quite like the ultra satin ones, and I might get some more in other shades. What I like about Colourpop is they have really great quality products in affordable prices. If you are new to the liquid lipstick and do not like the sticky, stretchy feelings of acrylic matte liquid lipstick then start off with these ultra satin ones. These are great first steps before jumping into the matte liquid lipstick phenomenon. I wish Colourpop ships to India soon.

Hope you enjoyed my post. See you all again in my next post.
Ciao :-)

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