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Friday, April 22, 2016

I wanted to try Colourpop eye shadows for a long time ever since t took the you tube and blogging world by storm.. I tried to get my hands on them but things were not working out. Too bad Coloupop do not ship to India. Lately I bumped into an Instagram Store called Shopyouraddiction who manages to procure Colourpop products and sell in Indian Market. The price is quite steep ( read almost double ), but what else can we do. There is no other option for me yet. So I got 2 eyes hadows and 1 ultra satin liquid lipstick from them. Check out my haul over Instagram. Follow me to Instagram at @shampita_trl as all the actions happens there first. Today I am going to share with you the shade Telepathy.

Colourpop is known for their high quality extremely affordable shadows and lip products. In eye shadows they have quite a lot of varieties to choose from, mattes, satin, metallic, ultra-metallic, pearlized, pressed pigments. I was very much in to getting the metallics and ultra-metallic ones. The shade Telepathy was created in collaboration of Kathleen Lights, and it is truest of gold I have ever come across. The color is like out there, in your face, full on BAMM. I know now why they call them super shock shadows. They shock you with their pigmentation. Telepathy is not your everyday shade. This is your glam one. Appropriate for Indian weddings, parties where we wear elaborate and all things shiny and glittery starting from Sarees, Salwar suits and Lehengas to our jewelry.

Packaging ~

The eye shadow comes in a round white pot with a screw lid. It is housed in a cute paper box.

Texture ~

The eye shadow has a soft creamy texture almost wet to touch. It is a cross between a powder and cream. But when applied it sets off to a powdery satin finish. I have never come across any eye shadow like this texture. Due to its texture, it is best applied with fingers.  It has a snake skin like pattern, which I don't get it. Why something so beautiful would have a snake skin like pattern. You really need to keep the jar tightly closed as the texture may dry out.

Color and Pigmentation ~

Telepathy is a bright gold shade with a green undertone. It is one of their ultra metallic finish eye shadows. The color is intensely pigmented and out of this world. The color suits Indian skin tone ( warm and olive ) beautifully. It will suit both warm and cool skin tone.

Longevity ~

More than 10 hours for sure. I have a tiny Asian eye with not much of an eyelid. Most of the powder eye shadows so crease after 7-8 hours all thanks to my oily eye lid too. Even the long wearing eye shadows which comes in crayon forms crease.

How to apply ~

These metallic ones are best applied with your finger. I tried both with brush and fingers, fingers pays off more color pigmentation. Even their website advises you to apply with your finger. You need to pat the color in. If you want to blend, then apply with your finger first and then blend with a round fluffy brush. It gives decent color with a flat eye shadow brush sprayed with some Mac Fix plus or just eye drops.

Where to get it from ~

If you are in the US, lucky girl, I envy you. You can buy from Colourpop directly.
If you are from India, girls you really have to take your chances with the Insta and Facebook sellers. I got from shopyouraddiction and their service was very prompt and quick. They always kept in touch with me. The very day when I paid them via NEFT transfer, they dispatched my product and it reached me within 3 days.

Price : Rs 700
Quantity : 2.1 gms

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow ~ Telepathy Swatch
My Experience ~

When I was testing this eye shadow, I had put it on around 1 PM. I was working from home and had quite an intense work day. It was extremely hot that day too. At evening time, I cooked dinner and I was sweating profusely due to extremely hot, humid weather and kitchen chimney was not working. That was the perfect day to test this eye shadow I feel. All throughout the day the eye shadow did not budge, no creasing, no major fading. It was as gorgeously gold as if it was newly applied. It was on for around 10 hours straight. then I had to remove it as it was almost bed time. I am sure it would have survived more. There were no irritation on my skin, being ultra metallic, felt comfortable too. I did not notice any fall outs.

In the look below, I used the Makeup revolution I heart Chocolate palette to define my crease, and then applied Telepathy all over my lid with my finger. I blended it with a round fluffy brush. Put on some mascara and I am done. I can definitely wear this shade to office without being too glam. Just need to go minimal. My lighting and camera did not do justice to the color in the below pictures, trust me it is way more gold than this.

So guys, if you have not tried Colourpop eye shadows, you have to try them. They are out of this world good and I am loving them to the core. By far the best eye shadow I have used till date.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Guys stay tuned for my giveaway. I am going to announce it soon. I am very much excited about it. Love you all.
Bye for now.

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