Makeup Revolution London I Heart Chocolate Palette Review and EOTD

Saturday, April 16, 2016

I love chocolate, and who doesn't. Many of the bloggers already know that Makeup Revolution has exact dupes of some of the high end makeup palettes and this one is no exception. It is the dupe of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar which retails for $49. The Makeup Revolution one comes in 7.99 GPB and extremely affordable. Read my haul here. I have been using this palette quite often for the last 4 months since I got it and here's all that you need to know.

A little brief about the palette ~

The palette comes in a chocolate color plastic case and has a giant mirror housed in it. I like the melting chocolate bar effect of the case. The case is quite sturdy and does not appear to be flimsy like the MUA ones. It has a dual ended foam tip applicator which I personally do not like, I do not think eye shadows applies well with it. I wished that they had given dual ended brush just like the Iconic Pro palettes. There are total 16 shades with mix and match of shimmer and mattes and quite warm toned colors. The shades are very nicely pigmented and gives a good color pay off. However the shimmer shades do require a damp brush to apply beautifully. The eye shadows do smell like chocolate but not too intense though. Many bloggers say that the Too Faced one smells divinely of chocolate. Well I do not own one, cannot afford one, so I have no complains with the MR version. The eye shadows do contain parabens, talc etc which might raise a few eye brows but then look that the price it comes at. One really cannot complain.

Left to Right : You need love, Piece Me Together, One More Piece, Love Tom, Stolen Chocolate

Row 1 ~

You Need Love : A matte cream color, very soft buttery texture. This works well to set eye shadow base and also highlight the brown bone.
Piece Me Together: A dusty green shimmer shade with a lot of gold glitters in it. The shade is quite crumbly and I have noticed a lot of fall out with this. Even then this is one my favorite shade and I reach for it quite often. Somehow this shade works well with my skin tone for a day time smokey look.
One More Piece: A milk chocolate shaded matte brown. Great for transition or crease color. The texture is quite smooth and soft. Dark skinned girls definitely need a base underneath for the color to pop.
Love Tom: A brownish mauve shimmer shade with a lot of gold glitters. Have not reached for this shade too often. But I do use it when I am creating a party look. The texture of this shadow is quite rough to touch may be because of the loads of quite chunky gold glitters.
Stolen Chocolate : A dark brown matte shade, great for the outer corners, crease. The shade is quite smooth in texture, but I find it a bit difficult to blend. Need quite an effort.

Left to Right : Thank Friday, More!, Pleasure Girl, Meet Chocolate, Unforgivable, Love Divine
Row 2 ~

Thank Friday: The shade is a soft brown, yes almost like the MAC soft brown. Quite buttery and smooth in texture and works well for transition color.
More !: A pale rose gold shimmer shade. You really need to pack on the color for it to give good color pay off. Using a damp brush is a good option.
Pleasure Girl : A taupish brown shade again quite soft in texture. Works as transition, crease or outer V shade based on the look being created.
Meet Chocolate: A pale pink shade and not a favorite of mine. I have not used this at all. May be on fair skin tone the pinkish hue may show. But on my skin not much. I really had to apply multiple times in the above swatch for a decent color.
Unforgivable: A bluish purple shimmer shade again with gold glitter. This shade is very tricky to apply. If not applied properly, I end up looking with an black eye, as if some one punched me in the eye.
Love Divine: A beautiful shimmery copper. I have used this shade a lot for my party makeup looks.

Row 3 ~

Smooth Criminal : A favorite shade of mine, a bronze gold shimmer shade. Some times I just pack this a little on my eye lid and head out. Quite pretty
Chocolate Love: A true gold shimmer shade, another favorite. I have used this the most from this palette on a daily basis. I just pat this on my lid with my finger, and makes my eye look luminous.
You need more: A taupish gold shimmer shade.
What A Way To Go: I feel that this is a repeat of Love Tom from Row 1, the colors are almost the same with Love Tom having a lit bit of more glitter
Endorphins Ready: A cream colored shimmer shade perfect for highlighting inner corners and brow bones. I some times highlight my face with this shade. Works pretty well.

Here are two of my most wear day time looks that I often wear to office created with this palette. The first one is a very soft luminous eye look and second one with an everyday smokey eye look

Shades used : Thank friday (transition), pleasure Girl (crease and outer V), More! ( on the lids, lower lash lines and inner corners)
Shades used : One more Piece ( transition), Stolen Chocolate ( crease and outer V), Piece me together ( lids, lower lash lines), Endorphins ready ( inner corner)
Overall, a great palette with a great color selections. The mattes and shimmers do complement one another and quite a few looks can be created with this palette. If Too Faced Chocolate Bar is in your wish list and you are not able to get hold of it then this MR one is your next best option. The palette does not disappoint. I am quite enjoying mine.

Have a great weekend guys.

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