[Guest Post] Makeup Trends: Spring Summer 2016 Guide

Monday, April 25, 2016

The designers are stepping up their game for the spring and summer season of 2016, and the makeup is bound to follow. They have kept some classics like statement red lips, reintroduced several looks inspired by the previous decades and finally, launched a few fresh styles. The key word in most of these campaigns is natural, nude and organic, so make sure to consider this when shopping for makeup or creating your makeup variety.

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Boho Dolls

The perfect look you can channel throughout the upcoming festival season is the doll-like makeup Louis Vuitton chose for their models. It’s basically a natural and glowing face enhanced via dramatic fake lashes. The thick, shorter piece is placed on the upper lash while the significantly smaller patches lie on the lower line, near the corner of the eye. This makeup goes hand in hand with the thin hippy braids and casual attire.

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Faux freckles
Thank you, Emanuel Ungaro! Finally a trend to match the innate traits of the people blessed with my favourite natural hair colour. What most of gingers and auburn beauties struggled with for years is now a genuine trend. The makeup artists recommend combining the appropriate eyebrow pencils and eyeliners. Just beware, you don’t want to look like you’re ill. Apply it in moderation and in tint complementary to your skin tone.

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Vibrant Eyeshadows
This is one of the ideas the designer and makeup artists have teleported from the 70s. The mixture of striking cyan and conspicuous primary yellow creates the cheerful tropical-parrot effect. The setup is rounded with some bashful blush applied at the highest point of the cheekbones. This is a very innocent but not colour-ridden makeup choice for teens and girls in their twenties alike.

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The Touch of Grunge
You may not be a fan of the alternative rock subgenre, but you’ll definitely fall in love with this makeup option for the novel season. The bold black kohl liner Chloe’s makeup artists used to rim the models’ eyes is instilling a touch of coolness and rebellion to the overall impression. Pucci even went a step further and gave it a worn-out vamp vibe. Ideally, you’d pair it with the loosened up, flowing hairstyle.

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Rosy And Feline

The D&G have brought the whiff of classic Italian beauty to the runways, and this means lots of floral prints, chic updos and the Hepburn-inspired makeup. The accent is on the gentle catty eyes (courtesy of impeccable eyeliner manoeuvring), with the accompanying elements of radiant skin and full lips in matte rose.
Moschino is also utilising the simple, nude palette, and what better to pair this look than with organic, skin-proof products. The acclaimed Youngblood mineral makeup is a pioneer in this field with its all mineral, all natural, light-reflecting beauty products. A bonus point for them for not testing on animals.

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Dramatic Eyebrows
The idea of UK’s Isamaya Ffrench might not be everyone’s cup of tea (myself included). Fair enough, the exaggerated brow look from the 90s is certainly reserved for particularly flamboyant and edgy fashionistas. What it takes: Cover your natural brow line and draw a thin, fake one right above, making an elongated arch. When executed properly, this could be a veritable makeup gear for the urban misfits.

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The prominent lips

Prada has bravely stepped forward with some striking, gold lips on a fairly blank facial canvas. Gold has been the colour of the hour for quite some time, and I might try it out.  Still, if you’re not keen on such experiments, the power lips in red are still ruling the runways. Whether you choose Burberry Oxblood or Topshop’s matte red lipstick, you can’t make a mistake with this evergreen element.
This season is a bit like the bride’s apparel: they added something new, something old, something borrowed, and the blue is certainly present. If you seek a current look, take these as your starting point.
About the Author

 Peter Minkoff is a beauty & fashion editor for HighStyleLife magazine from Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a stylist for few fashion events around UK. Beside beauty and fashion, he loves reading, making DIY cosmetics and traveling around tropical destinations. He plans to create a business for beauty & style advising.

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