Fab India Haul

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fab India Haul
Have you watched The Jungle Book yet ? It's an absolute nostalgia. The movie brought back so many memories from my childhood. Every Sunday morning when it aired, that was the only time when me and my brother did not fight and we used to be all quite sitting in front of the TV. That was the time when our mother relaxed and could focus on her chores without worrying what mischief both of us would run into. What Chhota Bheem is to the kids of these generation, isn't The Jungle Book same to us ? The man cub Mowgli, wolf pack leader Akela, wolf mother Raksha, wise friend Bagheera, the funny lazy always napping Baloo, hypnotizing python Kaa, and how can I forget Sher Khan. Speaking Baloo who is forever preparing to hibernate for the winter and stocking food, I think I need to hibernate for the summer. It's so freaking hot in Kolkata, it was 42 degrees today. I do not know how much I can go out and visit stores to buy my skincare, so I am stocking up. Fab India has some great products and some of them are my absolute favorites. So here's what I got.

Fab India Haul

Wild Rose Body Wash ( Rs 350 for 250 ml) : It's a creamy body wash with a luxurious fragrance of wild roses.

SLS and Paraben free Herbal Shampoo ( Rs 450 for 250 ml ) : This is my second bottle, I am going to post a review on this soon. Re-purchase does prove that I am loving it.

Rose Facial Toner ( Rs 240 for 100 ml ) : This is half the price of the Kama Ayurveda one and my absolute favorite. I never run out of this.

Mogra and Mint Body Milk ( Rs 395 for 200ml ) : The body milk sounds heavy for the summers, but then the store lady said this gets absorbed without feeling sticky. So I am curious to try this. For starters I am loved the fragrance of mogra.

Aloe and Cucumber Gel Face Mask ( Rs 275 for 100 ml) : I really need a cooling mask for my skin for this summer. It is going to be very painful this time with temperature soaring to 42 degrees in April. I am going to store this in the fridge and use. My friend Dona is already liking it. Lets see how this fairs on me.

Tea Tree Skin Toner ( Rs 240 for 100 ml) : Contains salicylic acid and tea tree and quite good for acne skin. Again a re-purchase.

Cypress Perfume Oil ( Rs 290 for 9 ml ) : Quite an intriguing product. Perfume in oil form. One thing for sure that this has no chemicals. I am very eager to try this.

So excited to try my new products. See you all in my next post. Have a great week ahead guys.

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