Review || Fab India Perfume Oil in Cypress

Review || Fab India Perfume Oil in Cypress

One thing I dislike about summer is the sweat and body odor which come along with it. There must always be a perfume of some sort in my bag to keep me smelling good all day. Smelling good is very important to me. For a girl whose skin gets quite irritated with deo sprays, very limited options are available to her to carry in her purse. This perfume in oil form is my savior and it's tiny size fits even in my coin purse.

Review || Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Frick'N Frack

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Frick'N Frack
Trust me girls, I was scared to try a liquid lipstick for a long time after my first experience with one was very sour. Read about it HERE. So after a lot of persuasion, I decided to try the ultra satin ones from Colourpop. They are not supposed to be ultra drying like the matte lipsticks and the new formulas are supposed to be much much better than the previous ones as per some bloggers. Since I bought recently I guess these are the new formula ones.

[Guest Post] Makeup Trends: Spring Summer 2016 Guide

The designers are stepping up their game for the spring and summer season of 2016, and the makeup is bound to follow. They have kept some classics like statement red lips, reintroduced several looks inspired by the previous decades and finally, launched a few fresh styles. The key word in most of these campaigns is natural, nude and organic, so make sure to consider this when shopping for makeup or creating your makeup variety.

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Review || Colourpop Super Shock Shadow ~ Telepathy and EOTD

I wanted to try Colourpop eye shadows for a long time ever since t took the you tube and blogging world by storm.. I tried to get my hands on them but things were not working out. Too bad Coloupop do not ship to India. Lately I bumped into an Instagram Store called Shopyouraddiction who manages to procure Colourpop products and sell in Indian Market. The price is quite steep ( read almost double ), but what else can we do. There is no other option for me yet. So I got 2 eyes hadows and 1 ultra satin liquid lipstick from them. Check out my haul over Instagram. Follow me to Instagram at @shampita_trl as all the actions happens there first. Today I am going to share with you the shade Telepathy.

Say "I do" with

The wedding day, the most important day in her life. Ever since she was a little girl, this is the day she would always dream off. She might not be dreaming of the man she would be marrying. But for sure, it would always be about the dress, "The Dress". As she was growing up, she would make scarp book as a hobby and gather cutouts of all the wedding dresses she could spot on glossy magazines. She would find herself glued to the television when wedding fashion shows were on. As she started earning and understood the value for money, she realized all of the dresses she pictured herself in are way too expensive to be worn only once, and the affordable ones do not look that elegant. She was in dilemma, utterly clueless and quite heart broken on what to do.

Are you this girl?  Maybe your sister is ?  Or your best friend ?
Then this the post for you. Girls, say I do to the love of your life with beautiful dresses affordable wedding dresses from Cocomelody

Review || Luke Total Skin Solutions Nose Strips

Review || Luke Total Skin Solutions Nose Strips, Mugwort Nose trip and Lemon Tea Tree Nose Cleansing Strip

Recently I had received a package from If you are not aware of the website, it is an Hong Kong based online retailer of Korean skin care. It is truly one stop destination of all things K-Beauty. They houses a wide variety of sheet masks at dirt cheap prices. They were all about the sheet masks and cool thing now is that they have added more feathers in their caps. Like these nose strips. I got two variants one Mugwort nose strip and another Lemon Tea Tree nose cleansing strip.

Makeup Revolution London I Heart Chocolate Palette Review and EOTD

I love chocolate, and who doesn't. Many of the bloggers already know that Makeup Revolution has exact dupes of some of the high end makeup palettes and this one is no exception. It is the dupe of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar which retails for $49. The Makeup Revolution one comes in 7.99 GPB and extremely affordable. Read my haul here. I have been using this palette quite often for the last 4 months since I got it and here's all that you need to know.

Fab India Herbal Shampoo for daily use *Sulfate Free* *Paraben Free*

Slowly natural skincare brands are coming up with their sulfate free range which makes me really happy. I am sulfate free for ages now and I would like to have many options of shampoos to choose from. Recently I came to know that Fab India has launched their sulfate free and paraben free range ( finally !! ) on Shayoni's Blog and I had to try it. I am on my second bottle now, and this review is coming after one and half month of using it.

Fab India Haul

Fab India Haul
Have you watched The Jungle Book yet ? It's an absolute nostalgia. The movie brought back so many memories from my childhood. Every Sunday morning when it aired, that was the only time when me and my brother did not fight and we used to be all quite sitting in front of the TV. That was the time when our mother relaxed and could focus on her chores without worrying what mischief both of us would run into. What Chhota Bheem is to the kids of these generation, isn't The Jungle Book same to us ? The man cub Mowgli, wolf pack leader Akela, wolf mother Raksha, wise friend Bagheera, the funny lazy always napping Baloo, hypnotizing python Kaa, and how can I forget Sher Khan. Speaking Baloo who is forever preparing to hibernate for the winter and stocking food, I think I need to hibernate for the summer. It's so freaking hot in Kolkata, it was 42 degrees today. I do not know how much I can go out and visit stores to buy my skincare, so I am stocking up. Fab India has some great products and some of them are my absolute favorites. So here's what I got.

Vert Delicate Skin Divine Shower Smoothie Soap in Cocoa Butter Rose & Calamine

Vert Delicate Skin Divine Shower Smoothie Soap in Cocoa Butter Rose & Calamine
Ever heard of shower smoothie ? I certainly did not until I bumped into this brand some months back. I did use the Forest Essentials Nargis shower butter, only a sample size. But oh boy oh boy how divine was that. That is definitely a treat. So this shower smoothie intrigued me mostly I wanted to know if this is similar to the FE shower butter. I got the variant in cocoa butter, rose and calamine. Read on to know all about it.

W2 Why Wait Neem & Turmeric Face Wash Review

Do you hear little voices in your head speak "I don't know, shall I get it", when you spot a never seen before brand in your local super market. I do, I get that feeling all the time. I have been spotting W2 products in Flipkart, Amazon and also in my local super market for quite some time. I always used to check them out but never purchased. Some products from this brand also came along in some beauty subscription box too.