Trilogy Rosehip Antioxidant+ Facial Oil Review

Friday, March 25, 2016

Trilogy Rosehip Antioxidant+ Facial Oil Review
When facial oil started becoming the newest fad in the beauty world, I was always skeptical to try it. There were so many questions which clouded my mind like I have an oily acne prone skin, oils would aggravate things. What if it broke me out. What if this made my skin even more oily. But nevertheless I jumped into the bandwagon. I always wanted to incorporate Rosehip oil in my beauty regimen and trying Trilogy products was a must in my list. Why ? Because Kate Middleton is reported to be using this particular oil and it seems when she does not have time to perform her elaborate beauty routine, this gem fixes all the skin woes. Sounds like magic isn't it ? When the Duchess has this in her vanity, I have to try it. Even the company boasts about it in their page. When my friend was coming back from Australia after her work assignment, she got it for me.

Trilogy Rosehip Antioxidant+ Facial Oil Review

Packaging ~

The product comes in an frosted opaque glass bottle with a dropper cap. The frosted glass bottle protects the oil from light and maintains its efficacy.

Ingredients ~

It is listed in the picture above. The main ingredients is off course Rosehip Oil. But what I love even more from the ingredients list is that, this is power packed with other amazing oils like:
Tomato seed oil : Powerful antioxidant which helps to remove sun damage, wrinkles, age spots. Also helps in neutralizing the free radicals in skin.
Cranberry seed oil : Powerhouse of vitamin E, Omega -3, -6, -9 fatty acids and antioxidants. It provides hydration to skin, improving in skin elasticity, strength and firmness.
Acai Fruit Oil : It is also a great oil with has, anti inflammatory, anti oxidants, vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and other good minerals. fatty acids. It eradicates wrinkles, makes skin youthful, supple, firm and all goodness.

Color, Fragrance and Texture ~

The oil is of light amber color and smells of mustard oil. But not very strong though. There is no added fragrance, but the herbal mustard oil like smell is fine with my nose. The oil is not very lightweight, but then you need at max 2-3 drop which gets absorbed into the skin. For dry skinned woman, the oil would get absorbed completely I feel, but since I have an extremely oily skin, somehow this feels as if sitting on my skin a bit.

Price: $ 29.95
Get it from HERE or FeelUnique

My experience ~

Last year around November time just when winter was settling in, I had a major breakout and it was quite severe. I tried many acne clearing all natural herbal products, but in vain, nothing worked and my acne just continued to flare up. My friend had got this oil for me around August or September and this was just lying in my cupboard. I could not gather myself to start using it fearing of breakouts. So from the Christmas time when I had given up hope to banish acne from my face, I started using this thinking what else can go wrong. My skincare regimen consisted of Just Herbs Silksplash Face Wash, Kama Ayurveda Rose water / Fab India Rose Water, Trilogy Rosehip Antioxidant+ and Just Herbs Faire Skin lightening gel ( this was added later in mid of January). I followed this regimen religiously without fail. I used the oil only at night.

On Day 1, I cleansed by face properly, splashed rosewater on my face and took 4-5 drops on my damp face and messaged the oil in circular motion all over my face and neck. Oil absorbs better on damp skin. The next day morning, my angry and extremely painful cystic acne were paining less and they were little less red. My the end of that week, the acne sizes were reduced and they started to dry up. And most importantly no break out. Even though each morning I woke up to an oily face, but Hallelujah, no additional break. My end of the first week, I realized this stuff is magic and I need this in my life. The weather was pretty cold, and I did not require any additional moisturizer. This moisturized my skin perfectly. By end of second week, the bigger pimples on my face were tiny and the tiny ones were gone and my face started to clear up, it was glowing, it was firm, supple, healthy. I was loving my skin so so much and started getting complements too. People started asking me what I was using that my acne was healing so fast. I saw a minor changes in my laugh lines too, they appeared less " in your face". In the first three weeks of my use, it was literally magical. I had never come across any natural skincare product which showed results so soon and dramatically changed my skin texture. I started noticing changes in the pigmentation around my mouth, they appeared lighter.  I am not getting huge angry acnes any more, but I do get the hormonal ones during that time of the month. But they do heal faster and they are not huge in size anymore. But almost after one and half month of usage, the changes are a bit slow. The effect on wrinkles and acne marks are a bit slow.

By almost end of January I added Just Herbs Faire ( Review coming up soon ) in the regimen. I also started taking only 2-3 drops as now the weather is getting warmer. I have noticed that my acne scars are fading but yes slowly. There was no change in my pore size. So as summer started knocking on the door, I incorporated Fab India Green Tea Toner also in this regimen. I am still using the oil and I would have to restock it once I run out of it. During this warmer days, the oil does feel a bit heavy but as I use a gel moisturizer on top, hence the oil sinks in well. I also work and sleep in AC, almost 20 hours of my day is spent in AC, and my face does not feel dried out and dehydrated any more. My skin looks and feel healthy throughout the day.

Overall, this stuff is magic, literally, and it has helped my skin in leaps and bound. Though I do not like that I wake up to an oily face, but the good effects are too good, so this can be compromised. I have an extremely oily skin and I am using this without any issues. I used to be the girl who  thought facial oil is not for oily skin. Girls, its a myth, you need the right facial oil. And this is the right one. If you are having any friend who is coming down from Australia, then you should get this, trust me this shows results and you would not regret purchasing this. After almost using for more than 3 months, more than half of the bottle is still left. So a 30 ml bottle would last for a really long time for almost 6 months when used only once during night time. I highly recommend this.

I hope you found this review helpful, I will see you all in my next post. 

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Trilogy Rosehip Antioxidant+ Facial Oil Review

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