Lotus Colorstylo Chubby Lip Color in 203 Rouge Desire Review

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lotus Colorstylo Chubby Lip Color in 203 Rouge Desire Review
Lotus has launched their version of Lip crayons very recently and when I spotted these in my local beauty store I bought one immediately without giving any second thoughts, even when the market is flooded with lip crayons. Reasons ? well they are 100% vegetarian and preservative free and I was sold. I have not come across any lip crayons which falls to this category. If there is any then please do let me know in the comments below. There are 10 shades available and I have swatched all of them HERE. I got the shade "203 Rouge Desire"for me and have been wearing this for a month now.

Price : Rs 495 for 3.7 gm
Available at all local beauty stores that houses Lotus Makeup

Packaging ~

Twist up crayon housed in a plastic tube of the same color as the shade. The cap is of transparent color. The crayon is packaged in a paper casing with all the basic information about the product and where it is made, expiry dates etc. There is no mention about ingredients.

Color and Fragrance ~

The shade is a berry toned pinkish red which would complement any skin color from fair to even dusky. I am on the duskier side and the shade just brightens up my face every time I wear it, even when I am ill. The shade is so wearable and can be wore during day time as well to office. The fragrance is something which gives me the urge lick off the lipstick. This smells like caramel candies, so yummy.

Texture ~

The crayon glides on very smoothly and does not feel sticky or tacky on lips. Since they are moisturizing you can apply them without applying any lip balm underneath. When I tried with lip balm underneath, I found that this bled a bit. And when I am eating in not so lady like manner, this bled.

Pigmentation ~

I would not say that they are intensely pigmented as with one swipe it does not cover up my lip pigmentation. I do require to glide on multiple times to get a decent coverage. In my lip swatch below, I have applied 3 coats.

My experience ~

I like how this makes my lips look. It makes it look glowy and gives a smoother appearance of my numerous lip lines. My lips are generally very dry, even during summer. And staying long hours in AC adds to the dryness even more. It's not flaky dry, its something like when you feel the urge to lick your lips to keep it moisturized. When I wear the lipstick on this kind of dryness I have noticed that after application, my lips starts to feel comfortable and the dryness is not there anymore, so this is definitely moisturizing. But when my dry lips have soaked up all the moisturizing ingredients and only the tint is left behind, then my lips starts to get dry again and flakes up. It does not survive any heavy meals and definitely transfers on my coffee cups and spoons when freshly applied. This fades out evenly though, it does not fade from the center of the lips, which looks quite horrendous. The lipstick stays for decent 4-5 hours if I am not eating anything. And even with eating, snacking and subconscious licking of the lips, a pinkish berry tint stays behind for a long time, unless I scrub or wash my lips. So I would say that this is fairly long wearing. For the claims of this being 100% vegetarian and preservative free, I guess we have to believe what they claim, as there is no ingredients list in the packaging.

Overall, I quite like this and more so because of its vegetarian and preservative claims. This shade has found a permanent place in my office makeup pouch, and I find myself reaching for it every time my lips feel dry. The price is quite affordable. But personally I feel that the colors are quite similar to other another in shade selection, else but 207 and 210. They should have had some different choices on browns, purples etc. It is quite boring how all the brands are launching lip crayons in same old reds, oranges and pinks.

I hope you found this review helpful, I will see you all in my next post. 

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