Just Herbs FAIR'E Skin Lightening Gel Mulethi - Khus Review

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Just Herbs FAIR'E Skin Lightening Gel Mulethi - Khus
I have tried so many products from this particular brand, and quite honestly all of them had fared well on me. Before I start with the review on this particular product, I would like to draw an statement that I am not at all into fairness and any skin lightening products. I am extremely comfortable with my dusky golden skin. The reason I got this is, I was suffering from a severe acne this winter and my whole face was severely scarred. I was looking for a natural product which would help me in getting rid of the acne scars, and that's all. I have been using this since January along with my favorite Rosehip oil  concocted potion. Read on to know more about this gel.

Packaging ~

The product comes in a hard plastic tub with a gold screw top. I find the new packaging of Just Herbs is very chic and dainty. Much better than the older ones

Color and Texture ~

The product looks like ghee and feels like aloe vera gel. I think Just Herbs have changed their formula, because the previous version of this used to be light pink in color.

Fragrance ~

Smells of roses. Honestly this particular fragrance I find to be common for many Just Herbs products.

Price : Rs 445 for 50 gms
Get it from HERE ( They ship worldwide)

My Experience ~

I have been using this for the past two and half months religiously without fail, in addition with the Trilogy Rosehip Oil and also on it own for quite sometime just to see how this product performs. The gel texture glides on smoothly and does get absorbed into the skin quite quickly giving a cooling effect. It does allow you to message your face while application but not for long though. Hardly after a minute all is soaked in. There is no tacky nor any greasy feeling which I absolutely love. During the colder month I had noticed that this was not enough alone to moisturize my skin, my skin did crave for a little bit of extra oomph. But when the weather started to get warmer, this proved to be a hero on its own. It makes my skin look healthy. I apply this only at night before bed time. At morning after waking up and washing my face, my skin does imparts a healthy glow and looks very fresh. When I used this in addition with the Rosehip Oil, I did notice a reduction in acne marks, most of my huge acne spots have reduced in size and the smaller ones faded. But when used on it own, the changes were very slow and not very remarkably noticeable. This did help, but nothing magical. Being a skin lightening product, it did not make me any fairer, but did make my skin radiant just as the brand claims. I have also noticed that my matte foundation goes on well when I use this gel underneath as moisturizer.

So if you have very little dark spots on your skin and looking for lightweight gel moisturizer which would aide to lighten them a bit, then it is a great option. This definitely gives all the required hydration to skin without making it feel greasy, great for summer. But if you are suffering for hyper pigmentation, age spots and sever sun damage, then this is not a product for you. This is not that heavy duty to eradicate all, and will definitely disappoint you. I would be repurchasing it because I need a good gel moisturizer to go on top with my facial oils.

I hope you found this review helpful, I will see you all in my next post. 
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Just Herbs FAIR'E Skin Lightening Gel Mulethi - Khus Review

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  1. Hii...Nice review,Which brand Rosehip oil you used & plz tell how & when to apply it?