Just Herbs Bhringraj Tail (oil) Hair & Scalp Vitaliser Review

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just Herbs Bhringraj Tail (oil) Hair & Scalp Vitaliser Review

Ask any Indian woman, and they would tell you their childhood stories about how their mother or grandmother used to make hair oil concoctions and message into their hair and scalp for gorgeous hair. My mother used to simmer pure coconut oil with fenugreek seeds, hibiscus flowers, curry leaves and bhringraj leaves and strain the oil after cooling it. She used to religiously message it into my scalp when I was little. Now when I am older and wiser and most importantly lazier, I do not quite manage to  do all that. I highly doubt how much patience I might have to do the same if I have a daughter. So for the lazy ones like me, few herbal brands had got us sorted. Today I am going to share with you my views on the Bhringraj Tail from Just Herbs.

During my younger days, I remember Bhringraj, known "kesut" in Bengali, used to grow in abundance, found even in the road side bushes and grasslands. We used to pluck the leaves and make paste out of it and apply it on the scalp and hair to prevent hair fall. It's a miracle plant for hair, that's why referred as "King of Hair".

Just Herbs Bhringraj Tail is a mix of Bhringraj along with other herbs and has no mineral oil and preservatives in it.

Price : Rs 445 for 100 ml
Get it from HERE

Packaging ~

Comes in a plastic transparent bottle, with just a push cap to prevent spillage of oil. Just Herbs should have added a nozzle cap fitted in the mouth. Taking out the push cap and pouring the oil is quite troublesome. I almost dropped the bottle once while trying to take out the cap. Or you can punch holes in the cap.

Texture and Fragrance ~

The oil looks like mustard oil with its rich amber color, but feels thousands time lighter. It gets absorbed without any sticky or greasy feeling. The fragrance is very refreshing with its faint citrus tangy note.

My experience ~

Effect on hair texture: After oil application, I do not feel any heaviness and my hair do not feel weighed down. It feels as if I have not applied any oil. I message the oil the night before I shampoo directly from the bottle, I do not warm it neither do any hot towel wrapping. Somehow I have noticed that I sleep well with oil on as it is quite cooling and it calms me down after a hectic day. The oil does make my hair soft after shampoo (sulfate free). My hair looks healthy and definitely has a healthy shine. I do not use any conditioner, so the shine is not from silicone I can promise you that.

Effect on hair fall: Back in the days when I used to use SLS/SLeS containing shampoos, my scalp used to be always itchy and when I used to apply oil, it used to itch more, and dandruff used to aggravate. Since I went sulfate free, all those itchiness is gone, dandruff is gone and now I do not experience horror with oil message. Same story with my friend also, she never oiled her hair because she thought oil gave her hair fall and dandruff. Since she went sulfate free with my advice, her hair just drinks up oil like water. She told me that she never felt better and she is very happy with her hair quality now.

For me, when I use coconut oil only, as it is a bit heavy I noticed that I get hair fall when I message the oil in. During the winter when I used to skip oil message at night due to cold, my hair used to fall more during shampooing. I have been using this Bhringraj oil every alternate days for the past 2 months, and I can tell you the hair fall which I used to notice during oil message and shampooing sessions is less now. I would not say that this has stopped hair fall completely, but it is definitely less.

Overall, I really like the oil and the way it makes my hair and scalp feel. But this is quite expensive. When used every alternate days and I use around 5 ml of oil , a bottle would hardly last at max 1 and half months. If you have the patience and also can take out time, then you can definitely do a DIY on it. But for busy working girls like me, who hardly gets time to eat breakfast, this is a great option. I definitely recommend this.

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