Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette Review and Saraswati Puja EOTD

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette Review
Does Makeup Revolution needs any introduction ? No I guess.  But if you really do not know then this is an London based brand which makes affordable dupes of high end makeup palettes. The one that I am sharing with you today is a very close dupe of Lorac Pro 1 palette. Some beauty blogger says that some shades are even better than the Lorac one. Now I do not have the Lorac Palette which retails for a huge amount of money and again not available in India. So when I can easily get my hands on the dupe, I am sorted. This is one of my favorite and every day use palette. It has great warm tones shades which perfectly complements my olive skin tone. I have been using this for many months now and I am sharing my thoughts on it now.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette Review

Price : 6.99 GBP in Makeup Revolution UK StoreRs 1164 in Flipkart (Get it now, its on discount), Rs 1450 in Makeup Revolution India Store

Packaging ~

The palette is housed in a black paper carton. The body of the palette is made of black plastic of matte finish, which is of good quality than the MUA ones. However the matte finish does attract a lot of finger prints with continuous use. It houses a big mirror, a double ended brush and also a transparent plastic leaflet with names of the shades printed on top. It's easy to remember the names and also the leaflet somehow add up to be a protective layer.

Brush ~

One end of the brush is a fluffy one which helps in blending and buffing and the other end in a flat brush which helps in packing on the colors. From the picture you might think that the bristles are poky but they are not. They really soft. They appear so because I had washed them before taking the picture. I do not really reach for my Real Techniques ones daily. This complementary brush gets the job done really well.

Ingredients ~

This does has talc and parabens in it. But one cannot really complain at the price is comes at. 

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette Review
Shades, Texture and Pigmentation ~

The palette consists of 8 mattes shades on the top row and 8 shimmery ones on the bottom row exactly like the Lorac Pro Palette. The shimmer shades are complementary of the matte ones. would say that pigmentation wise the matte shades are a wee bit better than the shimmery ones. All the shimmery shades do not apply well with a dry brush. They apply beautifully with a wet brush or fingers. But the intensity and pigmentation is not out of this world good. One really need to pack on the color multiple times and layer it to get good color pay off. Let us look closely on the shades.

Mattes :

Ghost: Ghost is a pure white shade, though this is supposed to be matte, but I do spot very finely mulled glitter in it. It works great as setting your eye makeup base. The texture is very very smooth and buttery and blends really well.

Luna: This shade has a little taupy undertone to it, but to an Indian skin this looks white when applied. So I use this also to set my eye makeup bass.

Must: This my favorite of the matte shades. This is a beautiful pale chocolate color which works great as a transition shade. I keep reaching for this color the most when doing my daily office wear eye makeup.

Enigma: This is a pale color with a little pink undertone and most least used shade of the palette.

Fade: Again another of my favorite color, this is a beautiful taupy shade which works great as a transition shade and also crease color. The texture is again smooth and butter and blends really well.

Drama: Another favorite shade which is a shade bit darker than MUST. Works great as transition and crease color.

Afflicted: A beautiful chocolate brown shade which I use to darken and intensify the outer corner of my eyes. The texture is this is buttery and smooth but still I find that this does not blend as smoothly as the other ones. In the swatch below you would find that this had streaks.

Pitch: Its a basic black shade which I feel could have been a little more black and intense. Again I find this to not blend well like others. It's the basic problem with dark colors. Unless they are of very good quality, they become a little difficult to blend.

Shimmers : 

Need: Its a champagne gold shade which is smooth and when applied gives a satin finish.  I use this shade to highlight my inner corner of the eye, the brow bone, even the tip and bridge of my nose sometimes.

Dawn: The color is similar to Need only a shade darker, this again I use to highlight and also as a lid color when I am opting for a very toned down luminous look where I just want a little highlighted color on my lid.

Getter: A beautiful gold and most used one in the palette. I sport a simple gold eye look quite often when I am wearing ethnic.

Breathe: Sometimes its so hard to explain colors. This color looks like a very pale taupy shade with a gold touch.

Too Grey: Again one of my favorite shade which I use when I am creating a smokey look. Its a beautiful shimmery taupy shade. Love it.

Stage: A true copper color. I mostly use this with getter when I am creating dramatic eye looks for evening parties.

Addicted: Its a purple shimmery shade which almost looks black when applied on eyes. This is great color to create smokey looks.

Player: Simmery grey, works good for smokey eyes. I have hard times with Addicted and Player when trying to blend with a dry brush. I use both of these colors to line my eyes when I am not opting for eyeliners.

Overall, this is a palette which I highly recommend any one to get if they love warm toned looks. I surely do not want to spend a lot of money on Lorac Pro 1 Palette, so this one had substituted for it really well. At such an affordable price MR is giving great eye shadows with brush applicator and a big mirror. Carry it in your bag and you are sorted on the go too.

Today is Basant Panchami ( Saraswati Puja for Bengalis), we officially call this day as our Valentine's day. We dress up, doll up and go out on dates and this has been so for ages even before the card companies introduced Valentine's Day in India. Below in the look which I created for today and this is the look I usually wear when I am wearing ethnic. Its soft, simple and done in minutes. I call this my day time glam look. I am going to post a pictorial tutorial on this soon. So do check in again. Until next time, bye my ladies.

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