An easy nail for this Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

February is exciting isn't it. Well, honestly not much for me, I do not believe much in the concept of Valentine's day. According to me, love should be celebrated each and every day. Love is in the little things that your beloved does for you unexpectedly, not in the big cards from Archies and Hallmark that he might be forced to buy for you unwillingly just because rest of the world is doing it. I am going to get a lot of brows up for this, but that's what I feel. When me and my husband were dating, trust me we never really did much on Valentine's day, we always felt that it is going to be crowded everywhere, so let's just sit back and relax do regular stuffs like any normal day. But, that does not mean that I do not like doll up. If we ever went out, I did dress for the occasion. Today, I am sharing with you a pictorial tutorial on an easy and simple Valentine's day inspired nail art.

Step 1: Paint your nails with your favorite pale pink nail paint. But remember base coat is a must prior to this.

Step 2 : Draw an heart shaped pattern. When I was painting this, my husband said " Why are you drawing pink butt on your nails ". I laughed so hard !!

Step 3: I have a thing for outlining. Somehow I feel, it makes the design pop. So in this step you can outline the "pink butts" or half hearts with a black polish

Step 4: Once dried, draw little hearts inside the pink ones with a red polish.

Step 5 : Outline baby, outline those hearts with black.

Step 6 : At the inner core draw tiny hearts with a gold nail polish and VOILA you are done. Well, not so fast. Let it dry and apply top coat. Now, you are done.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. This is simple but does look pretty and girly. Ciao ladies.

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