Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV-Protect Body Lotion SPF 25 PA+++

Summer is almost knocking on our door and we require a good body lotion with fair amount of SPF to stay protected. I have used so many off the counter starting from Nivea, Vaseline, etc but did not find them to be protective enough. Lotus has some great sunscreen products which are admired by many, so I do have high hopes from this one.

Brand Update : Roots and Herbs Premium Ayurvedic Indulgence

It's only fair that if I am get any information I should share it with my readers. I have updates about this brand which is Kolkata based and has all natural products. Last year December I had purchased their Mulethi Anti Acne Combo when I was suffering from a serious acne attack. Before you start reading this post, I definitely urge you to read my review on these HERE.

All new Lotus Make-up Colorstylo Chubby Lip Color Swatches

New Lotus Colorstylo Chubby Lip Color
The chubby lip color, every brand seems to have it starting from Lakme to Clinique. But when Lotus introduced their version, I was very intrigued I must say. Lotus has been a trusted brand when it comes to skincare among many Indian women and their makeup range is also loved by many as they are also inclined towards being eco-friendly and skin friendly. Their version of chubby lip color I just had to try.

Dupe Alert : Maybelline Lipgradation in Mauve 1 // Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 045 Epic

For a long time I was not purchasing the Maybelline Lipgradation only because the idea of gradient lips did not quite gel with me. I still think that gradient lips with one color is going to look as if I have licked off my lipstick. But when the blogosphere started flooding with this particular lipstick / lip pencil in the shade Mauve 1, it reminded me of something which I already have in my vanity. That is the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Pencil in shade 045 Epic. It's surprising to see that they are of exact same color and the Rimmel one has been around for a long time. Do I sense a copy here ?!! Well read on to see more.

Vert Fresh and Handmade Rose and Milk Soap review

Vert Fresh and Handmade Rose and Milk Soap review
Ever since body washes hit the market, I had never gone back to using soaps. But off late while searching for products to try, I am getting tempted to try out hand made soaps, as they look and sound very luxurious. And there are so many options to choose from nowadays. While I was searching for something new I landed to a brand called Vert. This is a brand based out of Haryana and they specialize in natural and organic products which harmful chemicals free and cruelty free. As I have never tried their products before so I thought of starting off with their soaps. Look how cute the packaging is. It came wrapped in a pale pink tissue paper. Loved it.

As simple soft gold eye look with Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette // Pictorial Tutorial

Happy Valentine's Day lovelies. I am sharing with you all today a very simple gold eye look which is simple and easy. This is my go to look when I am wearing ethnic and I do not have the time to create something dramatic. This is subtle, not over the top and can be achieved with 5 minutes. Yes, I do this in 5 minutes. Read on to know the steps and also the pictorial tutorial.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette Review and Saraswati Puja EOTD

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette Review
Does Makeup Revolution needs any introduction ? No I guess.  But if you really do not know then this is an London based brand which makes affordable dupes of high end makeup palettes. The one that I am sharing with you today is a very close dupe of Lorac Pro 1 palette. Some beauty blogger says that some shades are even better than the Lorac one. Now I do not have the Lorac Palette which retails for a huge amount of money and again not available in India. So when I can easily get my hands on the dupe, I am sorted. This is one of my favorite and every day use palette. It has great warm tones shades which perfectly complements my olive skin tone. I have been using this for many months now and I am sharing my thoughts on it now.

Roots and Herbs Mulethi Anti Acne Masque & Mulethi Anti Acne Activator Review

Roots and Herbs Mulethi Anti Acne Masque & Mulethi Anti Acne Activator Review
 Have any of you ever heard of this brand ? It seems they have been around for nearly 10 years ( this is what the SA told me) and have been operating online. But I have never come across this until last December when I spotted their little counter in Quest Mall just opposite to Kama Ayurveda near the escalator. The counter is quite small tucked away in a corner and have beautiful and pretty girls with almost flawless skin as SA. The store had all natural products and all were powder based, even their face wash and shampoos are so. All their skin treatments products are sold in combos a masque and its activator. One need to mix both of these products and then apply to skin. Before you buy any product they insists on a skin analysis done under UV lights at the store free of cost. After the analysis they suggest you which one of their product would work for you. My skin analysis results showed that I have large pores, oily skin, acne issues with pigmentations. Truly, I was suffering from serious acne issues during that time, and honestly even in normal day light one can point out those problems in my skin. So she suggested that I should try out their Mulethi Face Masque and should use this religiously every day for at least 2 weeks and then reduce the usage slowly thereafter. The SA claimed that this is literally magic and would erase all my skin problems. She made such large claims that in spite of these products being expensive I bought them immediately. I did use this continuously for 2 weeks as the SA suggested, but is this really magic? Read on find out.

An elegant Sunday afternoon with Triveni Sarees and Saree draping workshop with Mrs Dolly Jain

Ask me what I did on Sunday, I would say you, I was learning how to drape a sari " the correct way". And my mother was doing the same along with me as well. Yes, I took her with me as both of us have an undying love for saris. I feel that an Indian woman looks her elegant best in this 9 - 12 yards long piece of cloth when draped correctly. We the bloggers of Kolkata were invited to a sari draping workshop organized by Triveni Saris. And the amazing Mrs. Dolly Jain taught us some of the tips and tricks of draping one with style. If you do not know who she is, well she is the fastest sari draper in the world ( draping one in 18.5 seconds) and also knows 325 styles to drape a sari. She has draped most of the heroines in films. And her first film work was Baghbaan and countless ever since. She also holds Guinness and Limca Book of records.

An easy nail for this Valentine's Day

February is exciting isn't it. Well, honestly not much for me, I do not believe much in the concept of Valentine's day. According to me, love should be celebrated each and every day. Love is in the little things that your beloved does for you unexpectedly, not in the big cards from Archies and Hallmark that he might be forced to buy for you unwillingly just because rest of the world is doing it. I am going to get a lot of brows up for this, but that's what I feel. When me and my husband were dating, trust me we never really did much on Valentine's day, we always felt that it is going to be crowded everywhere, so let's just sit back and relax do regular stuffs like any normal day. But, that does not mean that I do not like doll up. If we ever went out, I did dress for the occasion. Today, I am sharing with you a pictorial tutorial on an easy and simple Valentine's day inspired nail art.