Plum Goodness Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer Review

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Plum Goodness Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer Review
Hello Lovelies,

I have tried the complete green tea range from Plum Goodness which targets oily and acne prone skin. The cleanser, toner and face mask were reviewed earlier. Though the cleanser did not work for me at all, and toner continued to give stingy and burning sensation to my skin, but the face mask worked like a charm. Today I am going to share with you about the mattifying moisturizer from the same line. This has been used by me and my brother both. I must tell you all, that in many cases, I test products on my husband, brother, mother and mother in law to see how the product is working on different skin types.

I am going to jump straight to what I think about the product. You will find the company claims and ingredients list HERE

Plum Goodness Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer Review

Plum Goodness Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer Review

Plum Goodness Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer Review
Packaging ~

The moisturizer comes in a slender cylindrical opaque white plastic bottle with pump dispenser. This is hygienic and travel friendly. I like the interesting and in catchy way Plum writes information on their packages.

Ingredients ~

This is silicone, paraben and other harmful chemicals free which is so hard to find these days. Even the Brightening and Rejuvenating night cream from KAMA Ayurveda had silicones in it. This moisturizer is not herbal, it just has plant extracts. And as the company claims in the bottle, no harmful chemicals are there. It has glycolic acid which acts as an exfoliating agent. This is supposed to be mild, but still do check for irritation by doing a patch test.

Texture and Fragrance ~

It has a light and soft creamy texture with a pale greenish color. And has the same smell as rest of the products from this line. However, the fragrance is not strong as others. It is very faint and when I message the product into my skin after the while the fragrance disappears. To me this is good.

Price : Rs 450 for 50 ml
Get it from HERE

Plum Goodness Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer Review
My experience ~

I have been using this moisturizer for quite some time as part of my cleansing, toning, moisturizing during night time and during day time only on weekends when I am not planning to head out. The product once applied gets absorbed into skin leaving no residue behind which I love. I have noticed that it blurs my large pores once applied, and that is short lived. It did not minimize my pores whatsoever. But the moisturizing property of this amazing. My skin looked and felt healthy. I did not get any breakouts for this and it did not gave me any skin irritation as well. Overall, it's a great moisturizer for daily use and can be used during the summer extensively. I have used this during the winter in conjuncture with a facial oil ( review is coming up soon), so I did not wake up to dry skin. But for dry skinned women, this would not be enough.

Effect on my brother's skin ~

My brother is an ignorant type, not bothered about his skin or acne. No matter, how much we tell him to take care of his skin, he just pays no attention to any of it. Only until recently, I literally forced him to start using a face wash to clean his face at least. His face is extremely oily, dehydrated and he gets those large painful cystic acnes.

2 weeks ago before the Christmas time, he was cribbing about his skin woes to me, complaining about how dry his skin has become in winter, and if he applies any cream, it turns too oily. Knowing how ignorant he is, when he was cribbing, I almost fell off my chair. So like a good sister, I gave him this mattifying moisturizer and made him swear to use it daily without fail. He has been using it for nearly 2 weeks now and almost every alternate days I checked his skin. The dry and patchiness of his skin is gone, his skin now looks healthy and hydrated. Though, the cystic acnes have not healed, but they look a bit smaller. His skin does not get over oily when he wakes up in the morning. Considering the fact that, he has never used moisturizer before, the effect this product had on his skin is remarkable.

So, both of us, brother and sister gives two thumbs up to this moisturizer. This definitely keeps skin matte for quite sometime, without any oily and greasy feeling. This feels light on skin and provides the necessary hydration to skin with gently exfoliating it. But I would not suggest you to use this as day cream when heading out and always use sunscreen whenever using any skincare product with glycolic acid, as your skin would become sensitive to sun.

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