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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Guys, have any one of you shopped from ? I had no idea about the portal until last week when I was watching TV and an ad came in about this site, giving half off discounts. So I checked it out. This is a Aditya Birla house of fashion venture and an addition to countless other online clothing stores. They do have some nice stuffs at an affordable prices.

The site has a simple yet elegant design and very user friendly and catchy. I love how they communicate with their clients.

Like when I registered they messaged saying : Hi Shampita! We're so glad we finally got hold of you. Abof will make sure that you are paparazzi ready everyday. Start shopping now !

When my order was received they messaged saying : Your order # has been place. Now sit back and relax like a star and you will get your drool box before 31st Jan.

By the way I ordered on 24th Jan and I received my package today on 27th Jan. I got my "Drool Box" by 3 days. That was super fast for a standard delivery. The clothes came packaged in a cardboard box sealed in wrapper.

Let's see what I ended up buying. I was planning to get some sweatshirts and shrug for a vacation I am planning during March to the Hills ( to a Bengali, Hills means North Bengal and Sikkim ). I found some pretty decent ones at a fair price.

All my stuffs are below. The quality of the shrug is quite good and it is warm. But I feel the sweatshirt's fabric quality could have been a little better. So there goes my tiny haul from a new online store ( at least to me).

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