IWOWD Skincare Elisir 100% Pure Facial Serum Oil Review

Monday, January 11, 2016

IWOWD Skincare Elisir 100% Pure Facial Serum Oil Review
Many beauty experts says, it is a myth that facial oil is not for oily skin, anything which is in same composition as your facial sebum is good. And trust me I am all in to prove those women right. I am trying out couple of facial oils to see which one fits me perfectly. I believe in supporting fellow bloggers and when they have something to offer, I jump right into it and see how their product of love is. This facial serum, is a product of love of our very own lovely Ankita from IWOWD Skincare. She has an immense knowledge about oils and their chemistry. Her post on How to use oil as skincare, Essential oils for hair, body and skin and Best oil for your skin type are bookmarked in my laptop, mobiles everywhere, so that when I am oil shopping I know what I can buy for my skin type. I am going to share with you how this product is so read on.

Company Claims ~

Elisir is a 100% natural oil-based, preservative and irritants free serum for your face with no added fragrance. We have created this magical concoction with luxurious exotic oils from 4 different continents namely Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. It will help you heal from pollution and sun damage like tanning, uneven pigmentation, sun spots, blemishes. It moisturizes your skin by going deep into your skin, helping in producing natural collagen to renew the skin surface. Problems like acne scarring, black spots, stretch marks and aging skin will go away gradually with constant usage. It is enriched with Vitamin E, C, A, Linoleic acid and Gamma linoleic acid.

IWOWD Skincare Elisir 100% Pure Facial Serum Oil Review
Packaging ~

The product comes in an dark brown opaque glass bottle with a dropper cap attachment. Glass bottles are not travel friendly, they can break. But oils need to be kept in such packaging to avoid any reaction. The bottle is housed in a paper carton with all the information written on it. There is also an usage guide leaflet given inside the box, which has information written both in English and Hindi.

Color and Fragrance ~

It has a deep amber color almost like liquid gold and it smells somewhat of roses. The smell is quite pleasant but my husband found it to be quite strong. Let me tell you here, this has been used by me, the hubby and also my mother. I wanted to have all round view of this product. I did not want to judge the product based on only my experience, as this is meant for all skin types.

Price and Availability ~

It retails for Rs 1099 for 30 ml and can be bought directly from IWOWD Skincare website or their Facebook page. The price is great for the quantity and the ingredients.

IWOWD Skincare Elisir 100% Pure Facial Serum Oil Review
Me ~

Skin type : Extremely oily and sensitive skin with large pores, tanned and pigmented.

Results: This is my first try on a facial oil and I used it only during night time. First week, I used it along with Plum Green Tea Alcohol free toner. That was the time I was testing the toner as well. And all hell broke lose. It was Mars Attack on my face with pimples. I stopped using this and also the toner, and no breakouts. When my breakouts healed, I did not use the toner and only this oil, and no breakout. So I concluded that the Plum toner was irritating my skin.

I have used 1 drop as suggested on my damp face, and it got absorbed quite well without any oily residue. But I felt that it was not enough for my skin, in this winter. So I increased the quantity, but then I felt there was some oily residue behind. As I have an extremely oily skin, in winters also my face shines, so I retorted to using 1 drop and topped it off with the mattifying moisturizer from Plum. To be honest, my skin felt hydrated and moisturized, but I did not notice any improvement on fine lines, or pimple marks, or pigmentation. I used it for nearly a month. May be my skin is still to adjust up to the facial oil thing. But I did not notice any remarkable difference in my skin.

Verdict: If you have extremely oily skin, use it in less quantity and it might take a lot of time to show visible results.

Mother ~

Skin type : Normal to combination, mature skin. She does not have much wrinkles, only fine lines, expression lines and dark circles.

Results : I gave the bottle to my mother when my skin was flooded with pimples. She is an oil user, in winters she uses body oils in face and body before bath time like the good old days. I asked her to use the oil as suggested. On the first night, she told me that it was bothering her to put oil before bed time, she was feeling uncomfortable without washing it off. With my request, she did keep the oil on overnight, but at morning, she complained about her nose getting too oily. So I asked her to mix the oil with her Patanjali Aloe Vera gel. She continued using it like that. In between my Dad had told her jokingly it seems, "How much did you spend on facial, your face looks bright". She has not done it by the way. My mother was convinced that the oil has made her face bright. When I visited her, I did notice that there was a glow to her skin, but I did not notice any difference in her dark circles or fine lines.

Verdict : It does give a glow to skin, but there were no visible difference in other skin problems. May be with continuous usage for months, there would be any noticeable difference.

Husband ~

Skin type : Normal to  very dry, does not use any skincare products and in winters the skin on his cheeks which are not covered with beard gets too dry and flaky which appears like dandruff. Eww...

Results : My husband's dry flaky skin irritates me a lot and I made him use this oil, which I messaged into his skin myself. I sprayed some rose water on his cleansed skin and then had taken 4 drops of the oil and messaged it in. His dry skin soaked it up like sponge, but still I could see some shine left behind. It was not sticky or greasy to touch though. He was bothered by the smell, and I think it is because of his macho-ness coming in between . Next morning, MIRACLE, he washed his face, and all those dry flakes are gone about 90%. His skin looked good. So I made him use it for a week, and the results were great. His face is nourished, healthy and no more dryness and flakiness. He was quite happy with the results and once he had it, he went back to his old habits of not taking care of his skin.

Verdict : If you have dry and flaky skin, this product would actually do wonders for you.

Overall, I am still in the process of proving the myth "Facial oil is not good for oily skin" wrong with my trials and error on different oils. But if you have very dry skin, this oil would show wonders on you. For normal skin, it might take some time, but the skin texture does improves and skin glows. But for oily skin, this might work differently on different people. Try it, it is 100% natural, so your skin is not subjected to any harm.

IWOWD Skincare Elisir 100% Pure Facial Serum Oil Review

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