Forest Essential Cane Sugar Lip Scrub Review

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Forest Essential Cane Sugar Lip Scrub Review
Personally, I feel that Forest Essential products are very expensive and they fair only average. They are no sort of a miracle. Also in most of their products they do not give complete ingredients. So I never really tried much of their products. When FE opened up a store in Kolkata, so I visited the store to check out their products. And picked only a few products which would fit my budget. This lip scrub was one of it. Exfoliation is key to reveal healthy skin from underneath and your lips can be of no exception. This product is all natural, so I wanted to try it.

Forest Essential Cane Sugar Lip Scrub Review

Packaging ~

The product comes in a very tiny plastic jar with a golden cap. The top of the jar was covered with aluminium foil. It's as small as a sample jar. It is even smaller than the sample of Nargis Cleansing Shower Butter the store gives out. The jar is housed in a cute card board packaging. The tiny size of this is definitely travel friendly but the quantity which comes for this price is really disappointing.

Color and Texture ~

The product is pale yellow in color and has a waxy lip butter type consistency with sugar crystals distributed evenly. This has a faint citrus smell.

Ingredients ~

If the printed ingredients are the complete list, they I am extremely pleased that there are so chemicals whatsoever else but essential oils and butters.

Price : Rs 475 for 8 gm

Forest Essential Cane Sugar Lip Scrub Review

Forest Essential Cane Sugar Lip Scrub Review
My Experience ~

From the swatch above, you can tell that the sugar and the wax are evenly amalgamated. The quantity you see is the exact amount you need to exfoliate your lips. The sugar granules are coarse enough to scrub and remove dead cells without hurting the lips. I message for couple of minutes and then wipe off gently with a cotton. I do not wash it off, as the waxes and butter which stays behind keeps my lips hydrated and so soft. It removes dead skin effectively and my lips appear lot more pink after wards. I am really loving this scrub and I know with the quantity required, this would last me for some time but not very long if used couple of times in a week.

What would give me second thoughts while re-purchasing ~

First, the quantity given for the price is way too less. They should have given at least 15 gm of product or the price should have been little less. Second, the formula is certainly DIY-able. The ingredients are most easily available in the market and one can make their own version of this.

Overall, if you want a great all natural lip scrub and in the mood to splurge, then try this. It works well. But if are not in the mood to splurge, a sugar DIY lip scrub is very easy to make which would give you similar results as well.

Forest Essential Cane Sugar Lip Scrub Review


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