First Empties of 2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Time just flies. Can't believe that it is the end of one month already this new year. January has been quite tumultuous for me. I just hope that rest of the coming months treats me good. Here's my first empties post of this year, a religious one of what I have finished using till date. I would be honest that some of the was over in December, but I post any of it then. So here are the empty bottles which I am throwing away this month.


Rustic Art Rejoice Shampoo : I so so loved their Aloe Delight version, so bought the Rejoice one as well. This one performed equally good and I am loving it. This is all harmful chemicals free and cruelty free. Have already repurchased it and currently using it.

Studiowest Indulge delicate jasmine nourishing body butter : This has been my absolute favorite half of the winter. It's only due to lack of time that I am not able to go to Westside and stock up again. So had to purchase something else to make do. This is a must try and the fragrance is out of this world amazing.

The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose Body Lotion: This has been lying around with me quite some time and finished it recently. Only because, the full sized version of this is really expensive may be around 1600 bucks and I got this in half off discount. So I was using it sparingly so that this does not get over soon. This is a great lightweight body lotion and the fragrance of roses it beautiful. What attracted me more is the smoky fragrance of roses. That does wafts through. Absolutely loved it. I am going to re-purchase this only when I spot it again on sale.

Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream : This is my favorite night cream for the winter. And this did help me clearing our acne and brighten my skin. However, this contains silicones, which I do not like being the fact that this is supposed to be all natural. But, this works for me, and next winter I am going to re-purchase this again for sure, unless I stumble upon something really great in between.

Soultree Nutgrass& Neema with soothing chamomile Face Wash : This is mother of all gentle face washes that I have tried. Extremely good for sensitive and acne prone skin. But, I have noticed that I do need to use more quantity to properly clean my face. I have used 3 bottles and now recently I have switched back to my beloved Silksplash from Just Herbs.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish : A favorite one for the summer, it's a gentle scrub. It not very abrasive on skin. However, this does contains sulphates, so if you are allergic then you ought to skip. But, does not dry out skin. The skin does feel fresh.

Chambor Infinite Lashes Mascara : Oh how much I loved this macsara. A great one for daily use. So I used to carry it in my office makeup pouch. One fine day, this slipped from my hand and fell on the ground and the body broke. Somehow I used it for quite sometimes until the mascara ran dry completely and it could not be used no more. A lot of the mascara was wasted which did made me swell up. Definitely going to buy this again.

Colorbar Waterproof eyeliner : I have never done a review on this, but this has been my companion for God knows how many years. I always have a stock of this. But now that I have started blogging, may be I should try out other waterproof black eyeliners as well.

Johnson's baby oil : This is my go to makeup remover when I do not have something decent near by. I carry it in my office pouch, just in case I need to remove my makeup and re-do again for any parties which I might be attending after work hours. Also, when I remove my full face makeup after attending parties and when I feel like let not use those expensive ones for today, I use this. I think everyone should store this in their vanity as a back up. This never fails.

So, that was it, all my empties. I am throwing away all the bottles else but the body butter tub. This might come in handy as a storage.

Wish you all have a great February with Valentine's Day knocking on our door. I will see you all in my next post. Ciao !

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