Claire's Blending Sponge Review

Monday, January 18, 2016

Claire's Blending Sponge

Hey dolls, hope you weekend was good. For a working married girl like me, weekend always starts after Saturday afternoon for me to enjoy, why you ask ?!! Well, I am a clothes washing freak and in some very strange way, I feel good and in a enjoyable mood only when I am rest assured that my whole week of office clothes are washed and dried. Let me not share any more of my unusual habits where I find solace, lets get on with this post.

Since the day I started using foundation, I had always applied with fingers. I did use random foundation sponge in the past. But always found my self going back to my mighty fingers. Then came in the hype of brushes and beauty blenders in to my world. Well, I do not possess any beauty blender, but I do possess some foundation brushes. And since the time my fingers picked them up, they have never let go of them to apply foundation. Last week I was out shopping with my girls, I was strolling in the Claire's store in Quest Mall, here in Kolkata, I spotted this blending sponge there. The colorful nature of it made me buy it. It came at Rs 400. Quite cheap compared to a beauty blender.

Claire's Blending Sponge
Shape ~

Other than the colorful nature of it, the shape of it also made be buy it. It has both dome shaped bottom and tapered end as well. The booty of the sponge would work well to blend foundation on a larger surface. Whereas the pointy end would be helpful to blend foundation into those inner corners of your eyes, nose etc. Can also be used to apply concealer on top of blemishes.

Texture and Material ~

The blending sponge feels soft and smooth to touch, but when I try to press it, damn this is hard. It's lightweight, but then too felt hard. Felt as if the core is made of cork. This is not bouncy to touch. This is definitely not made of sponge. It feels and smells rubbery to me. Just like a shoe. The hubby who had no idea what this was, saw it and smelled it and asked me, " Where do you women use this exactly, this smells like shoe ". I said, " On the face ". His reaction to that was just like those boys memes on girls making rounds in social media.

Claire's Blending Sponge
My experience ~

If you spray some water on it, or your primer and expect this to soak it and be soft. Then you would be disappointed just like me. When I sprayed water on it, a wee bit of it was soaked at the surface, which did not softened the sponge at all. And when I used that to blend the foundation by dabbing motion, it felt as if I am try to murder my face with blows. But, on the contrary it did blend my foundation quite well. I would not say that it blended like a dream. It did soak up a lot of my foundation too. It gave a sheer finish which I liked.

Next time when I used it, I soaked the sponge completely in running water and squeezed all the water out. And this way the sponge felt more softer but not soft enough. The used the bigger end to blend the foundation, and the smaller end to blend on the smaller areas of my face. After use, I washed it with shampoo and left it to air dry. I noticed that it takes a lot of time to dry completely. Like the whole day. Another thing which bothered me a little was how these sponge quarters of different colors are joined. They are not joined seamlessly, it's a bit uneven, you can tell from the picture as well.

Overall, its cheap compared to a beauty blender but not up to the mark. I wish it was more softer, smelled less rubbery. It does blends foundation nicely but not nice enough. It is somewhere in between. If you are some one who has used beauty blender, you may not like it. But for a beginner and someone who does not want to spend much, it is a good option.


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