November'15 Empties and Declutters

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

November'15 Empties and Declutters
November is over and so is some of my skin care products. Can't believe its the end of year already. December flew in so fast, and the year as well moved so fast. This weekend I was sorting through my makeup stash and found that many of the products are lying there which have expired and I do not use them any more, so it's time to get rid of them as well. Read on to know what I am throwing away.

November'15 Empties and Declutters

November'15 Empties and Declutters
Skin Care ~

Fab India Rose water : I think you would have seen this baby in almost all my empties. This is my favorite rose water and I always have a stock of it.

Just Herbs Shatpatri with Indian Rose Gentle Body Wash : It's such a great body wash which is sulphates and harmful chemicals free. I totally recommend the body washes from Just Herbs to all ladies with very sensitive skin. This never dried out my skin compared to other body washes. I feel Just Herbs could have done better with the fragrance of this one. This one is too mild and the fragrance vanishes quickly after wash. Detailed review HERE.

TBS Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion : Many bloggers found the fragrance of this refreshing, but somehow I am not a huge fan, This smells of lemon leaves not of green tea. This is a great lotion for the summers, not at all suitable for the winters. I am not going to re-purchase this in the summer though. Detailed review HERE.

Oriflame Happy Skin Hand and Nail Creme : This one lies in my office bag or desk all the time. And whenever my hands feels dry I apply a bit of it all the time at office. I quite like it, but again for the winters I need something even more moisturizing.

Just Herbs Nosun moisturizing sun protection gel : I really liked this as a day time moisturizer. It's non greasy, gets absorbed into the skin. But I do not think it gives much of sun protection if you are planning to head out in the sun. I might re-purchase this. Detailed review HERE.

TBS Born Lippy Lip Balm : This also has been lying in my office desk and I have been having this for the past 2 years. Only because I have so many other lip balms which I keep on using in between. Finally this one is over and it's near to the expiry date as well. So its time to throw this away.

November'15 Empties and Declutters
Makeup ~

Lakme Metallic Eyeliner in Glimmer Blue : I really forgot what it is called, if it was called metallic or glitter eyeliner. I know that this one is from Lakme and I got this ages ago and used it quite a lot back then. The eyeliner is actually over and dried out and I found this from back of my vanity cabinet. It's time to throw this away.

Hack : Do not know throw any of your liquid eyeliners brushes. They are usually very thin and tiny and works as a perfect nail art tool to draw tiny designs.

Oriflame Eye Intensity eye pencil in Navy Blue : This one also I got ages ago, the same time when I got the Lakme glimmer blue eye liner. That was the phase when I was into what I call a blue phase. I was purchasing everything blue. I have used half way through the pencil and its time now to throw this too.

Maybelline Vivid and Smooth liner in Green, Purple and Blue : I cannot tell you their exact shade names as those are not to be found anymore in the body of the pencil. This has expired and I have got them again ages ago. So throwing them away.

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner : It's a great liner. This I got last year and finally this is over and I have it quite a lot.

Lakme Limited Edition Lip Crayon in Plum Rush : I think this was launched by Lakme in 2012 or 2011, I totally forgot. I have used it in the past a lot and then moved on to other lipsticks. This one expired so throwing it away.

Maybelline Colossal Volum'express Mascara : This is a great mascara which gives volume and length. It's over so throwing it away.

Hack : Do not throw away your old mascara wand. Rather wash it, clean it and keep it with you. You can use this clean wand to brush your eyebrow or to run through your lashes after applying your favorite mascara to get rid of any clumping.

Colorbar Ultimate Makeup Remover for Sensitive Skin : This removes every trace of make up effectively but this makes my skin feel greasy and stings my eye like hell. The only good thing that it did not break me out. I had got this way back in 2013 and I had used this the whole of 2013. A tiny bit amount is left, but no way I am using that I am throwing it away.

Giordani by Oriflame Limited edition palette : This eye palette definitely proves that I am a hoarder and a really bad one. I had got this may be in the year 2007 in one Christmas sale. Actually this was a gift to me by my husband then boyfriend. I know that I have not used this since 2009 and I have been hoarding this due to emotional attachments. But no I have to move on and make space for new things and I have finally have the heart to throw this away.

Hack : Do not throw away heartlessly your old eye shadows. Rather buy a transparent nail polish and add your old eye shadow powder to it to make your very own colored nail polish.You can mix two colors to get an unique shade.

There goes my long list of empties and makeup throwaways. I know that I am a hoarder and a hoarder of everything not only cute things. I am finally changing my habits and trying to throw things away and declutter my cupboard.

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