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Monday, December 21, 2015

I was sitting by the window locked away on the tower so high
Listening to the gusting of winds and songs of the birds flying by
Looking back at my chamber floor where lies my golden lustrous mane
And thinking to myself, when will my Prince Charming come,
Oh when will he rescue me from this life mundane
Just as I caught a glistering tear drop rolling low,
A sweet and firm voice beckoned me from down below.
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb thy golden stair
As I looked down my window with joy, the voice faded
The sweet gentle face of my prince charming started to look jaded
I tried to plummet towards him with my arms opened wide,
But I found myself waking up with an inconsolable and racy heart
There goes my Prince charming and also goes all that hair
It was all a dream, alas a dream that ended.

Oh having lustrous and long mane like Repunzel is only a dream and that dream can be found at

About the Company ~

Findingdream Co.,Limited located at Qingdao City China,Established in 2007. They are  manufacturer and supply different grade Virgin/Remy/human hair weave,clip in hair extensions,micro loop hair extensions,pre-bonded hair extensions,tape hair extensions and lace wigs to clients from the European, American, Japan and Oceanian markets. They have gained reputation and credits from their clients all across.




I was browsing through their website and found that they had a wide collection for hair and all kinds of them. They specializes in wholesale hair, wholesale wigs and wholesale virgin hair too.

So you are theater person, or a television actor and you come on the big screen ( I wish if some of my readers come from these background, again a dream !!) and you do not want your hair to go through all that hair styling daily and damage it. So wigs are your savior. That goes for you too, if you are a makeup artist and do not want to damage your clients hair with all that chemicals and styling products.

Do not like any of the ready made wigs that they have to offer ?  No worries they would customize your wigs for you, and they have 20 different colors for you to choose from. You are not so sure about how the hair quality would be ? Not to worry at all, they give out sample orders too. Sounds like heaven isn't it. They package their product in plastic bags that too can be customized, and delivers within 2-3 days if chosen from their pre-made wigs. And for customized wigs they take around 20-25 days. You can pay them via paypal, western union, credit card or telegraphic transfer.

I cannot tell you in words how much I am elated to have found these companies through my blogging experience. I have no shame in accepting that I have so little hair on my mighty head, I might have to rely on wigs some day ( puns at self ), so might as well keep these websites in my bookmarks. HeHeHe!!! And when I cry about my hairless head, my prince charming a.k.a my husband consoles me by saying "I will love you the same in thick or wig"

P.S. The Repunzel poem was written by me today during an extremely yawn-y after lunch moment at work and I needed a break to make the mighty yawns go. And off course this is a sponsored post.

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