Four Season's sheet masks review from + A 25% off discount code

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Four Season's sheet masks review from
This post is such a long due for me. I had ordered so many sheet masks from And they have come really handy for me too. If I wanted to relax I would just put a mask on. And before doing that I always used to forget to take pictures. When I finished almost all the masks and these 4 were left, I clicked the pictures before hand, so that after I use them I can post a review on it. I mostly loved all of them, but I am going to share with you the Four Season's ones. These ones are a wee better than the others that I got.

Packaging ~

All the Four Season's sheet mask is a cotton sheet mask which comes in this cute sachet packaging. I really like the colorfulness of the packaging.

Texture and Fragrance ~

The sheet mask is drenched in serum solution and it literally drips of it. There's so much serum inside and the rest of it you can apply on your neck and sometimes even hand. The mask smells lovely not over powering for the nose. The smells reminds me of some body lotion which I am able to recall.

Four Season's sheet masks review from
Four Season's Aloe Soothing Waterful Oasis Mask :

Once I put on the mask, I am extremely pleased with how cool and soothed my skin feels. I usually have a warm skin, if you touch my skin on face it will feel very warm to you as if I am running a fever ( hence the acne problem). So the cooling effect given by this mask is something which I enjoyed a lot. I did not notice any major irritation to skin, else but a little itching that too on the places where the mask would end, like at the jawline and on the temple area. Good thing is I did not get any new pimple. After the mask application my skin feels cool and healthy. This one is definitely a keeper.

Four Season's sheet masks review from
 Four Season's Snail Repairing Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask :

Honestly, I was a bit squeamish to try this one. This one contains snail secretion filtrate which is a bit strange ingredient for me. But thank god this one does not smell of any of that. This also has the same lovely smell as the Aloe one. This one too feels cool at skin and somehow soothes it. After 20 mins I felt that my skin was feeling a little more hydrated nothing major. Wrinkles magically did not vanish. So I don't know how much this would help is minimizing wrinkles. But if you want to try something different give it a shot.

Four Season's sheet masks review from
 Four Season's Collagen Lifting Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask :

This sheet too felt exactly same as the Snail repairing one. I did not notice any major difference. My skin felt cool and hydrated. May be with continuous usage this would minimize wrinkles, then again you are not supposed to use sheet masks daily. So I do not know about it's capability to minimize wrinkles. Dry skinned women would surely love this. For oily skin these might feel a bit heavy on skin, not too much though.

Four Season's sheet masks review from
Four Season's Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask :

First of all how cute are these angels riding an elephant the the package. One thing I have noticed that all the Four Season's masks feels extremely cooling to skin. So this feeling is something which I absolutely love. Among the four of the masks that I have tried, the Aloe one, and the this Brightening one is my favorite one. After application, I did notice that my skin was looking very bright which stayed for that day. The next day my skin was back to how it's used to be.

General note for all the masks : Some how I felt that once all the serum is soaked into skin, my skin feels a bit sticky ( oily skin syndrome). So I splash some water and air dry. If you have very dry skin, you might not face this issue. The skin absorbs serum to the extent it requires, rest I feel just sits on skin, which end up feeling a bit sticky. Hence the splash of water is required. My mother in law who has never had a relaxing facial, when I gave her to use couple of the masks, she just loved them to the core. She could not stop raving about them. She has dry skin by the way.

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