What I finished using in October

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Hey everyone, I am back with another edition of my empties post. I love doing this post as much as I love reading all about it of other bloggers. This post in particular gives a sense of accomplishment that yes I have finished something and also acts as a reminiscence when I would want to look back to see what had actually worked for me and what did not, in case my brain decides to forget. ( N.B I have a curious case of wandering brain, so it tends to forget a lot of things ). So lets jump right into it.

Organic Surge Tropical Bergamot Body Lotion : This is a great all harsh chemical free body lotion. I loved the sweet orange smell of it and also its moisturizing power. I have used this during the summer and monsoon. But for harsh winter I do not think this could do justice.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen : I got this sunscreen specially for holiday reason where I can carry it in my purse and spray it on wherever required. I did not feel that it gave a lot o protection and it did make me tan a lot, I mean a lot. It did not work for me at all.

Rustic Art Delight Aloe Shampoo : Love love love this shampoo, its gentle , sulfate free, paraben free and biodegradable. I have recommended this shampoo to many of my friends and they all loved it too. I have repurchased it and do not plan to shift to any other shampoo in recent times.

Soultree nutgrass and neem with soothing chamomile Face Wash : I am going to do a detailed review on this. I loved this and already re-purchased it.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet : I love the sorbet formula of TBS. They are so appropriate for summer, they provide good moisturization without feeling sticky and they smell lovely too. I love the fruity smell of oranges and may be that's why I tend to purchase most of my bath and body products in orange flavor. It gives a cooling effect to skin which I absolutely love. A teeny tiny bit is left in the tube, after the photo was taken, I have butchered the tube with a scissor and used it up.

Just Herbs Pore Refining Complexion Toner : It's a good toner, again chemical free and alcohol free. It does gives a pore tightening effect to skin but then it is not long last though. I enjoyed using it, but I loved their Myrrh and Sandalwood variant more.

Now coming to the samples :

Just Herbs Beauty Elixir Facial Serum : This is a great product by Just Herbs which I received as a sample from Fab Bag. I was surprised to see how quickly it showed results which are actually visible. I had used this directly on my face to see its action and I loved it. I did a review on this on my third week of use, but after like 4th week I noticed that the product was starting to turn brownish and the texture was also changing with a slight change in smell as well. So I had stopped using it ever since thinking the product might have gone bad. I informed Just Herbs team about this and they told me that if you keep the product in contact with air for too long the color will change, but this would not change it's efficacy. Honestly, I have not kept product unattended in open air. I always used to take it out with dropper and then secure the cap. So I do not know for sure if this is normal or the product has actually gone bad. But after that time onward, I have not used it. And yesterday when I took out the bottle to take picture I saw that the product has gone quite brown. 

Please if anyone of you have used this product do let me know in the comments below if you are facing the same issue like me.

Kama Ayurveda Sugandhi Body Oil : I received this as a sample during my purchase from Kama. This is all natural ayurvedic body treatment oil. This is quite amber in color and smells peppery and spicy. I applied it all over my body before bath time and noticed that this does not absorb into the skin and after bath the skin feels a bit oily. I am not very pleased with the product and I do not like how this smells as well. This definitely does not have a soothing smell. I would not be purchasing a full sized bottle of this.

Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Face Scrub : This again I felt like a normal face scrub. It does gives a subtle glow to skin but that it quite normal and you can get it from any over the shelf face scrub as well. As the full sized tub is quite expensive, so I was expecting a lot from this. It's absolutely like what Shayoni had mentioned a long time ago in her review of this product, it's a luxury face scrub, period.

Ananda light moisturiser for oily skin : This also came with Fab Bag and I just loved it. This is ever so light on skin, no sticky feeling, gets absorbed very quickly and makes skin feel supple instantly. It would work really good before applying foundation and this does not make oily skin feel oily. I highly recommend this and I would be buying this in summer. I had been hunting for this and every time and always have found it to be out of stock in online stores. I would be buying this for sure.

Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50 Sunscreen : I loved the samples, so bought the full sized version, only to my ignorance I got the variant for dry skin which is so not suitable for summer. So I am going to use the tube in winter.

Cuccio Naturale in tuscan citrus herb, hand, feet and body butter : The tube is too tiny which again came with Fab Bag. I could only apply to my hands and I loved it so so much. It smells fresh and make skin feel so so soft. But the full sized version is so expensive around 2400 bucks I guess, I would not be purchasing it.

Man, that was quite a lengthy post, pheww, now back to work for me. Have a good day. Ciao.

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