Fab India Honey and Oatmeal Face and Body Scrub Review

Monday, November 23, 2015

Exfoliation is a must any time of the year. Did you know exfoliation helps in removing tan as well. A friend of mine told me that if you are on a beach vacation and if you scrub daily during your stay after sun exposure, lot of your tanning would be removed. Well I did not know about it, but then I thought if I scrub afterwards also, the upper dead skin would scrub off which might reduce the tanning a bit. So I go this scrub to put her theory to test. But let me tell you, this scrub in no way claims to remove tanning.

Product Description ~

With a combination of honey, oatmeal powder and walnut granules, this face and body scrub makes for a great cleansing face and body scrub. It is a part of the range of skin care products from Fab India that help maintain and protect skin.

Packaging ~ 

This comes in a plastic tube with flip cap. Its compact, hygienic and travel friendly.

Ingredients ~

I like all the natural ingredients that this has. But I so do not like that this has parabens. Fab India being an organic brand should make their product paraben free.

Texture and fragrance ~

The scrub has quite creamy in texture having quite large granules of walnut kernels which does a great scrubbing. Due to creamy texture one can use it on both wet and dry skin and it would glide smoothly. This has a sweet fragrance almost like honey. However, I did not notice any graininess of oatmeal.

Price : Rs 250 for 120ml
Available : In all Fab India stores

My Experience ~

When I went to get this, the SA scrubbed a little portion of my hand with the scrub in circular motion for about a minute and then he wiped it off with a wet tissue. I was so impressed with the results, my skin looked radiant, fresh, moisturized. That tiny portion of my skin was literally glowing. I purchased it with out any second thought. I must inform you that I have been only using this scrub on my hands and legs. I have not used this on my face ever. I have acne skin and this scrub is a complete no no for anyone who is suffering from acne. So I do not know if this can make you breakout or if this can irritate your skin. However, from the texture of the product I do feel that this can clog pores, so if you have problems with open pores and sensitive skin, while getting this please do a patch test on your neck or a small area of your face at the store. If you have normal or dry skin then only you can use this scrub on your face. That too twice a week at max, not more than that. As the walnut granules present in it are quite abrasive.

So, I have scrubbed my hands and legs every alternate day after coming back from Puri for 2 weeks and honestly this really helped to get rid off quite a lot of tan. Scrubbing does help in getting rid of tan. The scrub made my skin feel smooth, soft and supple. I literally felt that all the dry and dead skin was scrubbed off revealing healthy skin from under neath.

I have been loving this scrub only for my hand and feet and the glow this gives. If you want a decent scrub at a decent price then you definitely give this a try, but I do not recommend this for sensitive skinned acne prone girls.

Until next time, Ciao.

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