Vichy Capital Soleil Velvety Cream SPF 50+ UVB+UVA Advanced UV Protection for normal to dry sensitive skin // Review and Swatch

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I love Vichy products and they have pretty much worked well on my skin. Today I am going to share with you my experience on their sunscreen. When I got the Vichy Normaderm Night Detox, the SA gave me a sample of this sunscreen and she gave the variant for the oily and combination skin. It lasted me for 3 uses and my skin just loved everything about it. So when my Neutrogena sunscreen was about to finish, I went and got the full sized tube of this one.

Now, the day I went to NewU ( stores Vichy products in Kolkata), the Vichy SA was not there so I just asked some another SA to get me the Capital Soleil and I billed it without even checking that she gave me the variant meant for dry skin. The tube was lying in my cupboard for quite some time until the Neutrogena was over. So for a long time I did not realize that I have the wrong variant with me until very recently, even after using it all through out summer. Read on to see how this has fared on my extremely oily skin in Indian summer.

Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50+ UVB+UVA Advanced UV Protection
Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50+ UVB+UVA Advanced UV Protection

Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50+ UVB+UVA Advanced UV Protection
Price : Rs 1090 for 50 ml

Packaging ~

The sunscreen comes in a orange plastic tube packaging with a flip cap which I like, its hygienic and travel friendly.

Texture ~

The sunscreen is white creamy in texture, not too thick, a bit runny. After application it does gives a velvety smooth feel on a dry skin.

Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50+ UVB+UVA Advanced UV Protection
My Experience ~

I used this almost half of summer, monsoon and now in the fall. This behaved differently in different time of the year.

Summer : As I already loved the sample and me being so unaware of the fact that I had the wrong variant with me, I was expecting only good things from this. When I applied the sunscreen, it felt that it was not getting absorbed completely, some of it was still staying behind giving an oily sticky feeling with a definite white cast on my skin. Every time I used this, in the summer it gave the same feeling, just a little less oily and sticky on less hot and humid days. I only kept on wondering how the sample worked so well and the full size was not behaving like it. But never it occurred to me that may be I do not have the same product. How ignorant of me !! The whole of summer, I pat some translucent powder on top to mattify my skin. But on the good side, it did not break me out, no additional sun damage and it protected my skin from tanning as compared to Neutrogena one.

Monsoon : In monsoon, on the days which were a little cooler and my skin was feeling a bit dry, I felt that the sunscreen was not giving a horrific white cast, and my skin was not feeling that much oily too. But on the hot and humid days again the same feeling. So I concluded that this sunscreen was not meant for Indian climate, again never checking the packaging.

Fall : Fall has started, the mercury has not gone down much, but my sunscreen sure is about to get over. So last week, I thought to cut open the tube and and scoop out all the sunscreen and store them in a small tub as squeezing out the product in a hurry was annoying me ( I really rush in the morning). So during that process, when I was fiddling with the tube, then when I noticed the bright white letters " Normal to Dry Sensitive Skin". I was like "Oh Man, all these time was I blind ?? "
So I applied the sunscreen on my arms which are extremely dry compared to my face. And voila, the sunscreen worked like a charm, the skin of my arm felt so smooth soft and hydrated. See the swatch on my dry hand. It does not look oily at all, it looks healthy.

Even though I was so ignorant about the fact that I had been using the wrong variant all along, which is not even meant for my skin, the sunscreen gave the protection it claims and also did not cause any damage to my skin, no breakout, nothing. Next I am definitely going to get the oily and combination skin version. But now as the cooler days are coming in, the sunscreen is not giving that horrific oily white cast any more. I am sure during winter, this is going to work like a charm.

Overall, dry skinned beauties, you can definitely try this one, worth trying, though very pricey. And oily skinned beauties, get the variant for the oily skin types, I had used the sample of it and I loved it.

My sunscreen purchase was a blunder, but I am consoling myself with all the free samples that NewU gave me ( below pic ) ( Hi Hi Hi )

Lesson Learnt : Never get things in a hurry. And always check the package if you have picked up the correct one before leaving the store.

Vichy Samples

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