Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Palette Review and Swatch

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Palette Review
Do you want to know the height of laziness about a product? Is it always an eye shadow palette. As I am an hairy scary monster I have to wait until getting waxed so that I can swatch and post. Reason ? Who like hairy swatches !! OK now the height of forgetfulness ? Again me forgetting about this palette to swatch after every waxing season. I got this in Summer and Hello Autumn, this still could not make an entry as a post until today. This October I had sworn to myself I WOULD post about it during the first week, and this is end of October. Again thanks to my vagabond Mr. Brain ( who travels from thoughts to thoughts quite frequently and forgets quite a bit of stuffs), I forgot AGAIN !! So I was like this is it, hair or no hair on hand, I am going to swatch and share my view. So Guys please bear with any nastiness that you might see in the swatches. Hi Hi Hi

Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Palette Review
I was browsing through MUA website and I really liked the shades of this palette. Before purchasing I did read some of the reviews and most of them were done by lighter skinned non Indian women. the color swatches on their skin looked quite good and decent so I got it. I am going to share with you how this actually is.

MUA Says ~

Leap into Spring with this wearable, combination colour palette. The mix of stunning shimmers in neutrals, pinks and soft green hues encapsulates the revitalized colours of the new year and are perfect for creating a fresh, enchanting look. 
Hints & Tips = Use MUA’s eye primer under your shade for long lasting results!

Price : 4 GBP
Get it from HERE

Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Palette Review

Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Palette Review

Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Palette Review
Packaging ~

There are 12 eye shadows housed in a black very cheap quality yet sturdy plastic case. It has a both way foam applicator. There is no mirror and if you accidentally drop the palette it might break. Since this do not have any mirror, hence you cannot carry it around. You need to find a washroom if you want to touch up.

Color and Pigmentation ~

'REFINE' is the only matte shade in the palette which works really well as a transition color on my dusky pigmented eye lid.Remaining all the colors are truly glitterballs, extremely sparkly. As far as pigmentation goes, it is kind of Ok-ish. Without a primer or an eye shadow base, the lighter shades fails to pop. Only on extremely fair skin, the color and pigmentation would prove to be a decent one.

Texture ~

Else but REFINE, which is quite soft and smooth, all the rest are a bit chalky. While application you need to be careful as they do fall out a lot due to which I can never do my base first.

Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Palette Review

Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Swatch under sunlight

Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Palette Review
Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Palette Swatch under sunlight

My experience ~

All the lighter shades like spearmint, sea foam, posy, cherub, aurora when applied looks just white with a lot of glitter. So I have not been using these lighter shades quite frequently. I only use them on the inner corner of my eyes.  I am not very much pleased with the pigmentation too, so I apply the eye shadow with a damp brush to get more color. Also without a primer and eye shadow base, the color would not pop, neither it would be long lasting. On an oily eye lid the color would just dissolve after about 1-2 hours. As the texture of almost all of the shades are quite chalky hence there's quite a bit of fall out when trying to blend. I use the neutral shades of this palette quite a lot, which works quite decently. but the pink tones, and the lighter shades just does not work for me at all. If not been careful my face just becomes a glitter fest. Out of all the colors, Refine, Amber, Sorrel, Bronze Blush, Cola Comb and Gold Khaki are the ones which I liked the most and used the most,

Overall, I would only recommend you to get this if you do not own any eye shadow palette and want to learn and practice on how to apply eye shadow with all the cut, crease and while mastering the art if you do not want to spend big bucks on the expensive palettes out there. These are extremely cheap and affordable. MUA eye shadows really lack a lot on the pigmentation department. I have two palettes and I am not quite happy with them. These palettes I feel would only work on extremely fair skin. This palette is definitely not meant for a pro.

I am planning to get makeup revolution palettes, they have some great dupes of Urban Decay, Too faced and even Lorac Pro. Which one shall I get, any suggestions? Please let me know in the comments below.

Much love,

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