Happy Hallo Wallo Weeeny ( Halloween Inspired Nail Art )

The Rainbow Lady Halloween Inspired Nail Art

Happy Halloween Guys. While some of my blogger friends have done Halloween inspired some amazing face make up art me, I just retorted myself to nails only. Sorry guys I still cannot paint all that on my face and roam around. So read on to see what I have painted on my nails.

The Leibster Award

I am elated, honored and motivated to blog even more thanks to these amazing ladies in the blogging network who nominated me for "The Leibster Award". The year 2015 has been so special for me. The urge of that "doing something extra to make life interesting and worthwhile " had got me into blogging. I have been an ardent follower of the blogging world since a long time and always wanted to have my own blog. But then laziness used to take over.

Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Palette Review and Swatch

Makeup Academy Spring Break Eye shadow Palette Review
Do you want to know the height of laziness about a product? Is it always an eye shadow palette. As I am an hairy scary monster I have to wait until getting waxed so that I can swatch and post. Reason ? Who like hairy swatches !! OK now the height of forgetfulness ? Again me forgetting about this palette to swatch after every waxing season. I got this in Summer and Hello Autumn, this still could not make an entry as a post until today. This October I had sworn to myself I WOULD post about it during the first week, and this is end of October. Again thanks to my vagabond Mr. Brain ( who travels from thoughts to thoughts quite frequently and forgets quite a bit of stuffs), I forgot AGAIN !! So I was like this is it, hair or no hair on hand, I am going to swatch and share my view. So Guys please bear with any nastiness that you might see in the swatches. Hi Hi Hi


Potatoes, a humble vegetable that we Bengalis just can not do without. Our curries along with any kind of side dish imaginable, has this little buddy in it. I grew up this humble vegetable in all form since my childhood. I ate Daal (pulses), Bhaat ( rice ) and Aloo bhaja ( fried potatoes ) technically my whole life. I remember all my student days when my mother used to rush in the morning to prepare our lunch boxes and our breakfast before heading off to school, the breakfast always included these three items, as these are the simplest ones which she could manage to prepare at early morning. Still today when most of our lunches, snacks or dinners are either at the office canteen or at restaurants, when I want to dig in to my comfort food, yes, you guessed it right, it is the Daal, Bhaat and Aloo bhaja and I am a happy soul. By the way, this is 'The go to comfort food' for my whole family too. My father, brother and also my husband just can not leave without the humble Aloo Bhaja. Aloo Bhaja has been an integral part of my life and this is something that I can never grow tired off.

Kama Ayurveda Lavanya Natural Plant Mask Review

Kama Ayurveda Lavanya Natural Plant Mask 
A big Hello to you all from me. Durga Puja is almost over and I wish you all a very Happy Dusshera. I have enjoyed my Puja times a lot with Puja pandal hopping, Phukcha ( gol gappa ) eating. standing in long queues in front of the restaurants for hours to get dinner and of-course eating greasy, oily, rich food to my heart's content. With all that, my skin was bound to revolt. It felt more oilier, stickier and grimier. It needed to come back to its old vigor, and for that I found myself banging in the door of this tiny steel jar from Kama Ayurveda. I had used this only on an off may be only twice in the past. But during this Puja times I have used it daily. Yes, you read me right, daily. A face mask DAILY for past 5 days. Did it really work ?

Durga Puja Special Eye Look Book


Ok, so here's the deal. I love eye make up and love to make it look dramatic. But, yes there is a 'BUT', if I head out with something like the one in the above picture, God forbid, I would be looked upon, frowned upon, talked about, laughed at and so many other things. Our society still cannot accept over the top dramatic, well some of it. And I do not wish to be the talk of the town and be the sentence of everyone's mouth like : " OMG, what had she done with her eyes !!". So I am going to sport something toned down, yet classy and glamorous, an eye make up which is suitable for my tiny hooded asian eye ( so not a Bengali feature ).

Panchami Special - Doi Murgi Recipe ( Bengali yogurt based chicken gravy )

I am excited, full to the brim and I just can not hold it in, because its Durga Puja and it is "The Time of the Year" I keep waiting for all year around. During this period when rest of the country fasts for Navaratri, a Bengali eats, he/she eats to his/her heart's content. All restaurants revives their menu, special editions are added and in homes, it's time of whip up something special every day. Today is Panchami, and it's falling on a Sunday, makes the Puja Pandal hopping and enjoying the festivities to start a day early. And what special and incredibly easy dish came out of my kitchen, is this Doi Murgi to commence the start of all the festivities. A well known dish to most of the Bengalis, it's delicious  and tastes great without much effort put into it.

Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Gel Eyeliner in Metallic Bronze and Grey Ash

Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Gel Eyeliner in Metallic Bronze and Grey Ash
Durga Puja is knocking on the door and for a Bengali girl, this is the time to renew her look with her new clothes, new make up, new hair cut. The whole make over that she decides to go under is all for this special occasion.

This festive season I decided to get my glam on and sport smoky lined eyes with colors other than black. I have tried the Black from the Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Collection and loved it. So I got these Fall friendly variants in Metallic Bronze and Grey Ash for the coming cooler seasons.

An easy Fall Inspired Nail Art

Fall Inspired Nail Art

Its Fall, it's Fall, it's Fall and it's time for festivities, cooler weather, hence better hair and skin. And also it is the time for all the tones of reds, plums, browns, golds, coppers to make it's appearance back into the palettes may it be eye shadows or nail colors. So I decided to do a simple fall nail art with falling autumn leaves in vibrant tones of reds. This is a recreation of a nail art that I spotted some time back on instagram and decided to do it as it is the easiest of all.

Why recreation you ask ? : My brain is currently not flowing any creative juices, it is on strike due to immense work pressure at office.

Just Herbs Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir Facial Serum // Review

Just Herbs Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir Facial Serum

Hello Ladies, How's your weekend going. I just came back from the movies and watched "The Walk", the movie gave me a happy jive and a smile on my face. Loved it. Another thing that is giving a smile on my face these days is the newly launched Just Herbs Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir Facial Serum. I was eyeing this product since the time Just Herbs introduced this on their instagram page and thanks to Fab Bag on their September Issue, I got this in it to try. Since the day this has landed on my lap, I have been religiously using this only as part of my night care routine and Oh Boy did it show results !! This brand has never failed to impress me. I have tried quite a few of their products, and most of them did end up in my good books.

Vichy Capital Soleil Velvety Cream SPF 50+ UVB+UVA Advanced UV Protection for normal to dry sensitive skin // Review and Swatch

I love Vichy products and they have pretty much worked well on my skin. Today I am going to share with you my experience on their sunscreen. When I got the Vichy Normaderm Night Detox, the SA gave me a sample of this sunscreen and she gave the variant for the oily and combination skin. It lasted me for 3 uses and my skin just loved everything about it. So when my Neutrogena sunscreen was about to finish, I went and got the full sized tube of this one.

Now, the day I went to NewU ( stores Vichy products in Kolkata), the Vichy SA was not there so I just asked some another SA to get me the Capital Soleil and I billed it without even checking that she gave me the variant meant for dry skin. The tube was lying in my cupboard for quite some time until the Neutrogena was over. So for a long time I did not realize that I have the wrong variant with me until very recently, even after using it all through out summer. Read on to see how this has fared on my extremely oily skin in Indian summer.

Highlights from our trip to Puri, Odisha

Puri (Odisha) holds a special place in a Bengali's heart. To some it is a pilgrimage, to some it is a beach vacation destination, even a honeymoon destination for some. Whatever it may be, ask a Bengali about Puri and he/she would have been here at least once in their lifetime. With this trip being my third, every time I have been here, it enchants me and makes me want to visit the place forever more. With its rich history of the Kalinga kingdom, the temples and its mysteries, this is one place which beckons us to visit every year. If a long weekend is coming up or not, if a Bengali is planning for a vacation, Puri is the first place that comes in mind. Same happened with us as well. Me and my husband so oblivious about mandatory holidays due to work pressure, forgot all out Bakhri-Eid falling on a Friday. When it did register to us the week before, we gave no second thoughts and booked our train tickets, called up the hotel where we usually stay (Hotel Gajapati, in case you are curious) and saved our long weekend from going to waste.

Weekend Breakfast : My easy healthy pancakes with home made pancake syrup

Come weekend and it's time to indulge. no matter if you are on diet or not ( like me ). I usually whip up something special and most of the time I rush and do not get ample time to take pictures and share the recipe. But today's is an exception, as it's again a long weekend, and most of my Saturday chores I have finished yesterday. So now I can sit back relax, enjoy my pancakes while typing this post.

August '15 Empties

It's been ages since I did an empties post. Well I did store up my empty bottle to let you know about my favorites and not so favorite ones, but my maid threw my previous to this collection unknowingly. Hence, this post has been long due. But I have learned my lesson from this ordeal and I have managed to keep my current empty bottles away from my maid's curious eyes.