Where to get Korean Face Sheet Masks for FREE !!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Do you like Korean Skincare ? Have you ever tried any ?

I was always astonished with the Korean women on how flawless they are. If you read about their daily beauty regime, you would surely be overwhelmed to see how many products they use and how strict they are on their beauty regime. I really want to talk to the Korean women and ask her how do they manage all that maintaining work, home and everything else. Truly amazing.

Well, I am no Korean, and I certainly do not have all that patience to perform skincare routine. So my best possible options to try to have an amazing skin is with the easy peasy just like a daisy approach of "Face Sheet Masks"

And then I landed on Skin18.com

The founder of Skin18.com is Eugenie and I had few mail communications with her. Let me tell you she is such a kind and sweet woman. Through email's I felt as if I am communicating with a close friend. She is in love with Korean beauty and specially the face sheet masks and her goal is to help women across the world get a little bit of Korean skin care.
Hence she introduced a Freebies & Big Discounts section in her site, where you can get maximum to 15 sheet masks ( 1 of each variety ) absolutely free. You only need to pay for your shipping charges, which is around 10 dollars ( at least to India). That's a great deal isn't it. There's so many face masks and concentrate serums to choose from, and so many exotic ones which I had never even heard of. I have seen that they keep on updating their varieties, based on the availability, because the ones I ordered are sold out and now I can see some new ones on display.

They also houses products from many well known Korean Skin care brands like Innisfree, Ben&Sera, Banila, Etude House, Holika Holika etc and on Sale prices. 

I ordered 13 face sheet masks and 2 serum concentrate syringes from Ben&Sera. One is for Anti-ageing and another for Skin whitening. I do not support skin whitening, I am comfortable in my own skin color. I got this out of curiosity.

I would like to mention how amazing Skin18.com sales team is. There was a problem with my order, the package went lost. When I informed them that I had not received my package within the expected time, I am extremely pleased on how quickly they acted on it and followed up with the Hong Kong post. But they did not want me to wait, so they sent me another package with my orders which reached me safely.

Coming to the sheet masks, I did not get time to use all of them yet. I had only tried Fresh Fruit and Honey one yesterday which was an extremely bad day. I was at office since 10 am till 11:30 pm and when I came back home, I was dead tired to do any night time skin care routine. So after cleansing my face I had put on the Fresh Fruit and Honey sheet mask and rested for 20 mins while my husband stared at me amazed. He finds women skin care routine to be amusing. AHH Men!!

After 20 mins, I was so happy with how fresh and rejuvenated my skin looked and felt. I did nothing else to my skin and happily dozed. I am so excited to try all of them

I had an amazing experience shopping with them and I am so looking forward to shop more from them. I want my fellow bloggers and readers to get free stuffs and if I come across any such information I would share with you all. If you want to try out Korean skin care and specially Sheet Masks, check out Skin18.com. Currently they are running an international giveaway, enter it, you might not have to pay for your shipping as well. I entered.

If you are aware of any such campaigns do let me know in the comments below.

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