The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter Review

Friday, September 04, 2015

Ahh the lips !! Why do you get so dry and chapped sometimes ?

My lips tends to get dry quite often because of chilled indoor AC at work for almost 10 hours a day. Life of an IT Professional !! So I just cannot do without a lip balm, lip salve, lip butter or any thing that takes care of chapped lips. Recently during the TBS Sale, I purchased this lip butter as I was almost done with the lip balm of the same variant. And this has been part of my daily nightly skin care routine without fail. Read on to know whether to get this or to skip this.

The butter comes in a tiny red tub with a screw lid exactly like the lip balm variant. But this product is opaque white is color. The consistency is very thick creamy, almost buttery, a bit grainy which just melts with the warmth of skin. The smell is absolutely divine, strawberries, like strawberry ice cream. Almost makes you wanna eat. And guess what, as this is a lip product, some of it do gets swallowed and I like the sweet taste of it.

What I am most happy about is, this has a great ingredients list, containing shea butter, castor seed oil, beeswax which are excellent moisturizers. And no Mineral Oil. WooHoo

Price : Rs 350 for 10 ml

Now coming to my experience. At first I scooped out a lot and slathered it on my lips and my lips almost looked opaque white. Like applying thick Boroline all over your lips !! Then I realized, you need very little and then message it in the lips. A little goes a long long way. The butter melts into your lips stays on top and then slowly getting absorbed into the lips. This gives a glossy finish to lips and protects of lips getting dry or chapped. My lips are extremely moisturized after use and with regular use I do not get chappy lips any more. I am loving every bit about this lip balm and with such a little quantity required, this would last me a very long time. What is even better is the smell. The sweet strawberry scent lingers on for quite some time. I would be lying if I said I never licked it off my lips and then went ahead and applied again.

Overall, I just love this lip butter, I love everything about it. The price might be stepper for some. But as a little goes a long way, this will last you forever. So if you are looking for lip care product, you can get this and I am sure you would love this.

Till then, Tah-Tahs my lovelies.

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