The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion // Review and Swatch

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We Bengalis have a thing for tea, and me is no exception in that department. I love tea and every kinds of them. So green tea in skin care products, got me even more interested. I am unfortunately not one of those lucky bloggers who would get goodies from The Body Shop to try and write about it. So I have to shell out my money, and when The Body Shop launched their Fuji Green tea collection, I only got the one product that I know I need the most currently. It's almost fall, and I do not need heavy body butters yet, and I already have my stock of body washes, scrubs, fragrances for the season. I was running out of body lotion though and had to get one, so why not try the newly launched one. I have got this around a month back, and I have been using it ever since. In case you are wondering what these leaves are in the pictures, well yes these are green tea leaves which I took from my father's store ( he has a business of tea leaves).

Product Description ~

Hydrate your skin, while detoxing body and soul, with the crisp and refreshing scent of lightweight Fuji Green Tea™ Body Lotion. Discover more about the Green Tea Ceremony
Lightweight hydration
Infused with the power of antioxidant green tea from Japan
For healthy looking skin
Enriched with Community Fair Trade Sesame Seed Oil from Nicaragua

Packaging ~

The product comes in a cylindrical bottle with pump dispenser like many other TBS body lotions. The color of the bottle is having a hint of green in it.  I am little Miss Butter fingers, strangely things just slips from my hand and I have broken so many things in the past. So any product which comes in pump dispensing bottle, I am a fan.

Ingredients ~

Ingredients are listed in the above picture for you, one thing that turns me off, is the presence of silicone ( Dimethicone ).

Price : Rs 695 for 250 ml
Get it from Here

What I feel ~

The texture of the body lotion is not too thick and not too runny either. It's a perfect balance in between. When applied it gives a slight cooling effect and once messaged in for a minute it gets absorbed into the skin without any sticky feeling. The lotion is perfect for the summer and also for the autumn, but for winters I feel this would not provide enough hydration. I spend most of my time within AC, and with this body lotion I have felt that my skin does not feel dry, and my skin feels well hydrated through out the day.

Coming to the smell of the product. I love tea, and I belong from a house where there are different varieties of tea leaves carton, boxes are lying in the store all the time, so I know the smell of tea. And this product do not smell at all like tea. This smells exactly like crushed up lemon leaves. This does not smell citrusy or lemony, this smells zingy, tangy if I am describing it well, with a very faint hint of floral notes. Honestly, my nose is not loving the smell, but it is not hating it either. I am not wowed by the smell to write songs about.

Overall, I am not a big fan of how this smells, it is too strong for my nose, and nothing like tea. I am not sure if Fuji Green tea smells like this, as my nose only knows the smell of Darjeeling and Assam Tea. But I love the cooling effect and hydration is provides to my skin which is also very basic. If you ask me of I want to re-purchase ? I would say No, as there are so many different products to try and this is not a holy grail product that I cannot leave without. But if you want to try this range and you do not want to spend a lot, then at a decent price, you can try the body lotion.


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