September 2015 Fab Bag | Third Anniversary Issue

Sunday, September 20, 2015

First of all Happy Birthday to Fab Bag and I wish that you grow more fabulous in the years to come.

This month I am truly happy with Fab Bag as it has exceeded all my expectations. I did not chose to order for the month of August, only because I did not get the products I was expecting in the July Bag. But when I saw beauty bloggers post their September Bag, I just could not wait any longer and ordered mine, hoping to get all the products as others did. And guess what I got the same too. The bag contains all the products that I actually wanted to try and I am glad that I am getting them at a cheaper price through Fab Bag.

The Balm Stainiac : 

I wanted to try The Balm Cosmetics and could not procure any one till now. Thanks to Fab Bag for this stain. They had sent out a tiny sample of 1.2 ml which is enough for me to judge the product and make a decision if I really want to buy the full size. The stain is a red gelatinous product which looks almost like a strawberry jam. I applied it on my lips as a stain, applied 3 coats, but still it failed to give any decent color. It gave a pinkish hue to my lips, did not cover any pigmentation and felt a bit sticky after application. Applied it on my cheeks then, as usual no flush of color on my NC43 skin tone. This stain might be suitable for extremely fair skin. Hence I would not be purchasing the full size which is priced Rs 1200 for 8.5 ml.

Just Herbs Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir : Rs 985 for 15ml.

This is the full sized product that they had sent. And this is the product which I was longing to try since the day I spotted it on Just Herbs Instagram Page. Recently Shayoni did a review on this and from her review this sounds quite promising to me. I have not added this in my daily beauty regime yet. The product looks like a white thick milky liquid having a herbal smell. Let me use this for a month, then I would post my take on this.

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water : 

I love Kama, the products I have used so far has fared really well. I have used this rose water in the past and it almost felt like the Fab India Rose water to me, with this one being highly priced. I never re-purchased this only because of it's price and went back to the Fab India one. This one is a 50 ml travel size pack priced at Rs 250. The full size is way too pricey for me at Rs 795 for 200 ml.

SKINN by Titan Raw and Celeste :

I got 2 ml sample size for both Raw ( For HIM) and Celeste ( For HER). I liked both the fragrance. My husband snatched the Raw sample from me and sprayed it and headed out. He was back within 2 hours and I could not smell the perfume on him any more. The perfume does not have a good staying power according to me. But they smell really good.

Raw : Rs 1790 for 100 ml
Celeste : Rs 990 for 50 ml

Make Up Revolution Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer : Rs 550 

I got the full size in the shade FC 07 medium which is way too light for my skin tone. The texture is quite runny and pigmentation is extremely bad. This is by far the worst concealer that I have used. I actually thank Fab Bag for sending this to try. Even if the shade do not match me, but I would not get the darker shade also. The concealer fails to do any concealing job. It just vanishes into skin and my dark spots and dark circles still stays as prominent as it was.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this months Fab Bag, the plum glittery pouch is very pretty and I am going to carry my make up in it in our coming up trips and vacations. I got to try some products, which I was longing to try and thanks to Fab Bag, I am able to figure out if I would at all spend my money on the full sized products. If you have not got your September Fab Bag, get it now only for the full sized bottle of Just Herbs Elixir, and Kama Ayurveda Rose water. Both the products costs at around  Rs 1235, and the bag comes at Rs 699. It a great deal isn't it.


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