Rustic Art Aloe Delight Shampoo - An SLS/SLES/Paraben Free Vegan Shampoo // Review

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Dear Sulfates,

I do not like how you behaved with me and how you make me feel. The touch of you irritates me, make me cry and remembering all the pain that you have put me through, I do not want you in my life any more. I would do just anything to keep you thousands miles away from me. I have managed so far, and I promise you that I would continue to do the same.

With not so much love,
My Skin.

After that heart wrenching letter I am never going to torture my skin with sulfates again. And in my quest to do so, I landed on a shampoo by the brand called Rustic Art. The variant that I am sharing with you today is their Aloe Delight.

If you do not know about the brand, Rustic Art is a brand which makes handmade harmful chemical free skin care products. They claim very proudly in their site on what they do not use. Check it HERE. And the list is pretty amazing and I am impressed. They use all natural, vegan and bi-degradable ingredients which would not cause harm to your skin. I am planning to try more products from them in future and share details about you all.

As per their Website ~

With goodness of coconut, Bermuda Grass and Wheat Protein, this shampoo is thick in consistency and leaves the hair with a healthy bounce, shine and strength. Hand blended and natural. Free of SLS/SLeS. Free of parabens. Vegan.

Price : Rs 290 for 200 ml
Availability : Easily available online and also in Rainbow stores in Kolkata.

Coming to my views. I find the packaging a decent one, nothing fancy. Just a flip cap open bottle. The shampoo is transparent in color thought has a slight yellowish tinge. The consistency is thick, neither runny or gel like. This has synthetic floral scent, which is quite strong and could be a little too much for some noses. I personally felt the smell should have been a little more milder.

Being sulfate free and vegan, the shampoo lathers really really well. I do not require a lot of quantity to wash my hair even when I have oiled it with my special oil. This cleanses my hair really well. Previous to this I was using Organix, and I did not like that at all. The shampoo is loaded with silicones which weighed down my hair and caused scalp irritation as well. But this Rustic Art one, make my hair feels light and squeaky clean without drying out my hair. And most importantly, I have noticed that my hair fall during shampoo is less compared to Organix and Soultree that I have used earlier. I have been using this shampoo for two weeks now and I must say that I am extremely impressed with this shampoo. With the price it comes at, this one is definitely a must try.

From the bottle I see that this has been made in Auroville ( in Pondicherry). Let me tell you, I have visited Auroville and I have seen so many artisan's there who are all in to natural products may it be skin care or lifestyle. And some how I have a feeling that products made in Auroville are of good quality.

To sum up, there's just the smell of the product being too strong, bothers me a little. But keeping that aside this shampoo is the best sulfate free budget shampoo I have used till date. This is definitely a must try for all the au natural skin care fanatics. For women who have chemical treatments done to your hair like coloring, straightening might not like this.

Happy hair to you..

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