Lotus Color Kick Kajal Review and Swatch

Monday, September 07, 2015

Lotus Make-Up Color Kick Kajal

Indian women and her kajal has an eternal bond which can never be broken. All of us have at least one, and would probably never be seen without it. Few days back, a friend of mine at office came literally running to me after she returned from her work assignment in Bangalore and these were her exact words :
" You have got to try this out, this is best kajal I have used so far, its stays on for forever"

There was that excitement in her voice which saying it loud and clear that she had found her soul mate. She got me excited too and I made no delay and that weekend I got this.

I have been using this ever since and today I am going to share with you my side of the story.

Lotus Make-Up Color Kick Kajal
 Lotus speaks ~

An extreme deep black pigmented smudge proof formula enriched with botanical extracts of almond oil. The one glide application makes it easy to use without any flakiness and stays perfect for 8 hours without any smudge.
Create new looks playing around with this long stay waterproof kajal without worrying for the touch ups.

Lotus Make-Up Color Kick Kajal

Lotus Make-Up Color Kick Kajal
Price : Rs 199.

Packaging ~ 

The kajal comes in a bright pink twist up pencil casing, which is so user friendly when you are in a hurry and do not have time to make that fine winged eyeliner with a pointy brush. Just open the cap, twist up and apply and you are done. I like the pink and yellow combination here, which just pops and oh so pretty.

Shade and Pigmentation ~

I have used Maybelline Colossal Kajal and until now I had found it to be the most pigmented black available in the market. But move over Colossal you have some serious competition here. The color is the most intense black and I find it to be almost better than its Colossal rival. It can definitely give some of the budget pencil kajals run for their money.

Lotus Make-Up Color Kick Kajal

Lotus Make-Up Color Kick Kajal
In the swatch pic above, I have made just one glide and look how intensely black it looks. The kajal sets up to a matte finish without drying or crumbling off after a long stay. This crumbling thing I have noticed with the Maybelline gel eyeliner. If you have dry eye lid, then this would stay put for almost 24 Hrs. My friend, she has dry skin, she wore this to office in morning and when she came back home very late she just went off to bed. Next day morning, the kajal was still there without any smudge. She became an instant fan there after. For me I have an oily eye lid, so I have noticed after like 7-8 hours when my eye lid has become too oily, the kajal started to smudge off. To counter that, after applying the kajal, I applied some of my Kroylan translucent powder on top and set it. The eye lid stayed dry for quite some time and the Kajal went no where. When I swatched it above I tried to remove it by rubbing off with my fingers, and man I made my skin hurt, but the kajal decided to stay behind.
The kajal is soluble in oil I have seen it gives in to oil and raises it's white flag. So to remove it, vaseline / baby oil / coconut oil would do.

I love the fact, that in the packaging, they have given three looks that you can achieve out of the kajal which I tried and loved. It gives a really good smokey look when blended with a brush.

Overall, I love this kajal, and you have not tried it already, you should get this. Plus, it is natural and vegan. Yaayyy !!! I have found my holy grail of kajal. I thank my friend, who literally urged me to get this. Without her recommendation, may be I would have overlooked it. Oh what a miss it would have been. Isnt' it.


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